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Day Four: Tickled Blue
By Sunshine Laughter

Is it on? I think it's on. Wonderful! Oh, wow, my voice kind of sounds different, doesn't it. Only reasonable, I guess. I have a different throat now, and different teeth... oh, that's so weird. I can feel the different teeth in my mouth. With my tongue. All flat, no canines. Really good teeth, though. Oh, and my tongue is soooo long. Ook at at! Ah an ang ith ow of ny nouthh! Thlurp. Om. Num. Long tongue. That... could be useful. For stuff.

"Hee! You're cute when you blush!"

I... well. Ahem. Anyway, hello everypony, and I guess I can really say that like I mean it. I... am am a pony now. I am really a pony. It is very strange, I have to tell you. It kind of is, and isn't what I expected. But it is nice. I have to say that. It is really, really nice. I figured there would be something to complain about, but there really isn't. I feel... I feel wonderful. There's just no other way to put it.

"What makes you feel wonderful, Sunshine?"

Um... well, there's no pain. None. Before, I always had little pains and aches. I had a bad knee, my tooth on my left side was sensitive to cold. Um.. and my elbow would ache sometimes, and... lots of little, nagging things like that. I feel like a very young child now. Everything is at the peak of function, every part of me is just... good. No little aches, no little pains, just... good. Everything is good. But that's only half of it Millie.

"What else? This is interesting, because I can kind of compare, in my mind, you know?"

Vision is just... it's amazing. So much detail, and the colors... The closest thing I can relate it to is... OK. A couple of times in my life I had lucid dreams, right? Dreams where you wake up, and you know you are dreaming, and you can take complete control? It's like virtual reality dreaming. Anyway, in those few, precious dreams, I noticed something right away, and I remember thinking about it at the time, in the dream. My vision was really different, and better, than in my body sleeping in the bed.

Macula. That's the word. Macula. In the human eye there is this small zone right at the center of vision called the macula. It's were humans see anything clearly. It's only about an inch wide or so, at the end of a leg, right - about a fifth of a hoof - and anything in that zone is crystal clear, but everything around it is just kind of blurry. In my lucid dreams, everything, the full expanse of my vision, was all macula. It was all crystal clear, even the edges. Pony vision is kind of like that. Either Equestrian maculas are really wide, or their eyes work differently or something, because everything looks like in my lucid dreams, all clear and sharp.

"So you'd say it's an upgrade?"

Oh, yes. Very much so. It's almost a little disturbing, to tell the truth, because I know this isn't a dream and it's never going to stop. This is how I see now, and... well... the world is kind of grottier and not as nice as I remember. Seeing everything clearly, I can see all kinds of spots and smudges and little scrapes on the walls that I never noticed before. But you and I look great, so... maybe it's just Earth stuff, I don't know.

"What about smells and sounds? Those are what got me!"

Sniff... Snert! Sniff Sniff. Oh, yeah. Smells are... more. It's a mixed blessing to be honest.

"Oh, I know! When it's lunch, then it will be great, but until then..."

I know, I so know. I've kind of got news for all you humans out there. Earth stinks. I mean it really smells. I grew up here, I thought I was completely used to Earth. I'm not anymore. I can smell the smog, I can smell the chemical fumes and the metallic... stuff... in the air. I can smell the paint on these walls, and the mattress outgassing under me. Now Millie here, oh, sweet Celestia, she smells... sooo... good... and... and I do too. Just smelling my own... foreleg here, it just smells wonderful.

"Do you like how you turned out? I love how you turned out!"

Well, I wanted to be green, like Samantha, but I came out blue. Actually, I think I like it better. Blue is really pretty. I'm kind of a medium blue, I guess, not dark, but not really pale, either. I don't know a lot of names for colors, but...

"I'd say you are Cornflower Blue with a darker Cornflower Blue mane and tail. Just offhand. It might also be Dodger Blue, or Deep Sky Blue, almost a Parrish Blue, but I'm sticking with Cornflower, because you are more toward the lighter side. If that helps."

Whoa. You really know colors, Millie.

"I really like colors. They're pretty."

I, well, yes, I suppose they are. I just never bothered learning a lot of names for them. Hey, what color is this mattress thing we're laying on? I'd just call it 'red'.

"No, no... that's not red. Red is a primary color. This is more Maroon. Kind of a Light Maroon. Almost Brick, but not quite, because of the touch of blue in it."

Just... wow. You are so decorating our house someday. Millie knows her colors. I am in awe, I bow to your wisdom.

"Hee hee hee! I like that. That was really sweet, Sunshine."

Sweet? I don't understand.

"You said I was supposed to decorate our house someday. That just made me feel... like you have plans for us. It makes me feel wanted."

You are wanted. Goodness, I thought that was... yes. Yes, I want you. I want to stay with you when we go to Equestria. I want to be with you. I mean... if you do too, of course.

"Of course I do, silly. I liked you from the first time we met."

On the bathroom floor!

"Hee! Yeah, what a place to meet, huh?"

We're a strange pair, no doubt about it. Hey, Millie, was there anything you thought was really interesting when you first woke up?

"Hooves, obviously. And twitching my ears. I liked doing that. Yes! Just like that! Hee hee! And... well, I suppose for me the very first thing was my ears. I really liked being able to move them. Oh! Have you figured out how that's useful yet?"

I don't understand. Useful?

"Yes! You can zoom in on sounds with your ears!"

No. Way.

"Way! You're probably doing it without even thinking about it, but you can also do it deliberately, too. Just aim your ears together at something, like you would your eyes. Out there, beyond the door, you can sort of hear somepony talking. Try it. Focus your ears on that, through the door."

Alright, what they Hay, I... oh my GOSH! I can hear them. It's... it's Daniel, the guy I met on my first day. He's saying something about being hungry, and wanting lunch to... and when I rotate my ears, it goes back to being a mumble. And clear again.... mumble... it is like focusing my eyes, only with my ears! So that's why ponies can move their ears all around! Wow! It's like having a brand new sense of hearing! This is soooo cool, Millie. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this.

Hey! I can... I can hear your heart if I aim right at your... front... part. Wow. My ears are super ears, at least in the direction I am pointing, anyway.

"That seems to be the trade off, actually. It's not quite as clear all around as it was human-style, but it is really clear when focused. It means you kind of have to scan a little more, rather than just depending on a general sort of everything-at-once hearing. If that makes any sense."

Actually, it does. I guess it's like hearing has a macula now. Not so sharp, but not bad, everywhere else, but really super sharp right where the ears point.

"Ooh! Try this. Try pointing one ear one way and the other another way."

You can do that?

"Yes! It's easy, try it!"

Um... alright, that's odd. Whoa. It works! I can hear from two directions super clear, and I can tell the directions, or... I can hear super-stereo in one direction when my ears are pointing the same place. That... that is so cool. Wow. These are the subtle, little things you never hear about. What else can our new bodies do?

"Well, touch is a little different. It kind of freaked me out a little bit at first."

How so?

"No fingers, right? And no exposed skin. So the only part that can feel things the way that our old human bodies sort of did is the lips and mouth and tongue. And a little bit on the nose. Everything else is covered with hair, which isn't bad, but it isn't the same, and there isn't that feeling like with hands. You were smart to feel my coat and stuff back when you still had hands. I wish I had done the same, I just didn't think of it."

Huh. Yeah, I guess that is different. Here, let me try touching your foreleg with mine... I can feel pressure, sort of, with my hoof, but the leg part... my lower leg thing? That is like... wow. That feels just like... that part is sort of my finger. And above it is the... well it's kind of like where my palm would be, only it doesn't feel like a palm at all. That still feels like a wrist, even though it doesn't bend the same way entirely. It only bends down, and not up. I used to bend this joint up as well as down, because the next part was my hand. Only now it's more leg. Oh, that's weird.

"When you were being converted, the doctor pony told me all about that. He described all your bones and things as they changed. That's the way it feels to me too."

Well, then that's one thing I guess we can clear up for anybody watching - what it's really like to have pony legs. I remember all the chat on the hypernet, right, all the stuff about legs bending the wrong way and stuff... it isn't like that at all, folks. My legs... all four of them... bend the right way. It's just that my front legs are... were... my arms, that's it. That's all there is to it. I can tell where my shoulder is, and my elbow and my wrist and my... hand, or at least the back of my hand, which is this leg part here, below my wrist, and then my finger, and it feels like my finger, only really strong and thick. And my hoof here is my fingernail. Only... it isn't thin. It's really solid and kind of heavy.

"And the frog!"

Frog? I have a frog?

"That's the Human name for it but... here, lift up your hoof and turn it over. Yes, like that, like you were going to look at the tip of a finger, that's it. Ok, see, how there is the big, thick nail thing, that's your hoof wall. But inside, inside the 'U' shape, that wrinkled, triangular looking bit, that's your frog. Try using your teeth on it - gently, now, it's flesh, right? but... see, what does that feel like?"

It... it kind of feels like... my fingertip, sort of. Only covered in really, really thick skin, or a glove, or something. But it's that sort of part. I guess it is, isn't it. Almost like right under the nail, or... so... my hoof really is one big finger.

"Dr. Candy said it was the middle finger."

Hee! That means that every time I lift my hoof... oh my. Well. It's a good thing Equestria has a different culture, huh? Hee hee hee!

"Hee hee! I know, right?"

So, for all of you out there, everything makes sense. It isn't like being all confused or anything. And back here, that is my knee. Wow, it's up high on my body. And my leg parts are different lengths than before, but they are still my leg parts. That's definitely my ankle, only it's really strong. And that... would you run your hoof over that... yes.. that feels just like the top of my foot, only it's the lowest segment of my leg. It's like my foot has become leg, below my ankle. And of course, my hoof is my toe, the nail on my toe.

We walk on our toes and fingertips. That's it. That's all there is to it. I know I can walk now, Millie. This totally makes sense.

"Do you want to try walking again, Sunshine?"

Yes! I do. I know I can get it this time. Doing this really helped. Everything just completely makes sense inside my head now. They should do this, seriously. Get newfoals to go over how all the parts feel, and relate them to the parts they had before, because they really are all the same. They aren't even changed that much. If I had to say what the really different things were, it would just be that the back of my hand is a leg segment, and my foot is a leg segment, and that's it. Everything else is pretty much the same.

Well, other than the fact that I only have one finger... toe... whatever at the end of each limb. That's a hoof, one finger. Or toe. Wow.

"Um... you're going to have to fold your wings if you want to try to walk. I really love having it draped over me like that, but I'm afraid to move, because I don't want to hurt you."

OK, THAT'S the weird one for me. As you couldn't help but notice, I ended up a pegasus. I have no idea how to be a pegasus, and these wings are freaking me out a little. Everything else makes sense for me. My legs... easy. The tail and ears come surprisingly natural. But the wings... they are not like little arms. Well, that's not exactly true. I guess they are like little arms but... they are not my arm... arms. In my brain, I mean. My arms... what was my arms... are my forelegs, there is no question in my brain about that. But wings are... more arms. Extra arms. It's like being one of those gods from India with all the arms or that guy from the old fighting games that had extra arms. Or the Barsoomian green warriors from the Edgar Rice Burroughs books.

I'm kind of having trouble with the wings. It isn't like 'Oh no! Extra arms!' so much as... well, OK, maybe it is a little like that. There is... it's like there is a new territory on the map of my body, inside my brain, right? And that new territory is there, and it makes sense, but... it's new and I haven't explored it yet. I feel a little like the millipede that could walk as long as it never looked at its thousands of legs. When I don't think about the fact I have wings, they work fine, but when I look at them and go, 'oh wow, WINGS!' I get kind of scrambled and... well.

See that stuttering thing going on, ow... that kind of hurts, actually, so I am just going to relax for a moment. Not think about them, not try to move them. It almost feels like they might cramp up on me. It's like something in me is fighting to move them in two directions at once when I... alright. They have relaxed now.

Whoa! See that. They just folded up. It's easy as pie as long as I don't overthink it. But... It's kind of exciting to have something new be a part of me, right? And wings are cool... but also kind of creepy for me. Now that's just me, but I don't know how to relate to the feathers. I am sure most pegasai just go, hey, wings, cool, and that is, as they say, that. But not me. The feathers feel weird. I mean really weird to me. And... look, look at that. The feathers, the long ones at the ends... wow that's weird, they rotate. They can kind of turn. I'm not exactly doing that. Well, I am, obviously, but it's also like due to my emotions or something too, and... it just feels strange.

I guess I'm just weird having trouble with this. It's just... OK. Here's the deal. I'm a pony, fine. I've got legs that make sense, and I've got a mane, and a tail, and hair, and I am a mammal, and that all makes sense. But then I've got wings. Like a bird. And that is strange to me somehow. I know how to take care of hair, just use shampoo, job done. I have no idea how I am supposed to take care of these things. How do I even clean them? What if they get plucked out or something? Do they just regrow, or what?

"Sunshine! You're overthinking things again. You'll get classes on all of this. Just like I get classes on being an earthpony. That's what we're here for, that's what the Bureau does. It's the whole point. I'm sure they'll teach you all about your feathers turning, and how to wash your wings, and all that stuff. That's basic care, right?"

Mmm. Yeah. I guess you're right. It would be pretty dumb if they didn't teach you stuff like that.

"And you should like your wings. I do. I think they are beautiful, and I liked you draping one over me. It made me feel all safe and cared for."

Yeah, I kind of liked it too. I'm sure I'll get used to having wings. It's just my first few hours being alive as a pony, anyway. Initial impressions, that sort of thing. I know what my problem is!

"What? What is it, Sunshine?"

With my legs and body, everything basically makes sense. Old sense, like from when I was human. Sort of. But the wings are new, really new, and I... I kind of feel like a baby, trying to learn how to walk with them. It's just that little feeling of struggle to learn something that some part of me feels like I should already know, only I kind of don't. It's weird, but that's what it feels like. Like I already know... or knew... how to use my wings, only... I had a stroke or something and I'm having to re-learn how to use them, only that doesn't make any sense because I never had any part of my human body that corresponded with wings, you know?

"Well, I can't know, not like that, but I can imagine. That must be pretty strange, I agree. But I know you will master it. Hey, I just had a thought."


"Maybe... what if some part of your new brain does sort of already know how to use your wings? I mean you can fold them and spread them out just fine when you don't overthink it, right?"

Yeah... yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe I've just been fighting myself. Wouldn't be the first time for that. Hmmm. Maybe what I need to do is just... I don't know... LIKE my wings. Just kind of accept them, like them, and... sort of make friends with them. I know that sounds pretty silly but...

"No! It doesn't sound silly at all. I think it makes a lot of sense. You should welcome them as part of yourself. Make them part of yourself, by making friends with the idea of them. Let them just be normal."

Well, I'm stuck with them no matter what, so... hello wings! How ya doin? Glad to see you! You're really pretty! Hey, they are kind of pretty, aren't they?

"Oh yes! Of course they are! They're shiny, and the feathers are soft and lovely, Sunshine. Of course they're pretty!"

Yeah. Yeah, they're pretty. Pretty wings. Wings are cool. Wings are OK to have. They're a little strange, but, hey, I'm a little strange now, really. I'm a blue pony. That's fairly up there on the strange scale, you have to admit.

"No. I disagree."


"This is us, now. This is everypony we'll ever meet, everypony we'll ever know, and it's becoming the whole of everypony that ever will be. In the end, the whole human race has to become ponies, right? So, this is us. This is what being a person is now. Now and forever more. So... if you think of it that way, then being a blue pony..."

Or a lovely, coppery earthpony...

" normal! Boring ordinary normal! Totally, dull, dull, boring everyday normal! Exactly!"

Huh. That is a kind of strange thing, isn't it? We are ponies, and that is the new normal. We can't even claim being lesbians, because Equestrian doesn't even have a word for that. So we aren't even queer, are we? We're just together, and that is the new normal, too. I've NEVER been normal before. I think that's the truly weirdest part of all of this!

"Hee hee!"

Heh... yeah. Hello everypony, I'm the face of the new normal. Ooh! Speaking of which, I haven't even seen my own face! I want to see what I look like. I'm gonna try to stand up now, OK?

"Alright. Do you want me to stay here, or move?"

Um... you'd better move, in case I stumble again. I don't think I will, but just in case. I don't want to fall on top of you.

"That wouldn't be ALL that bad... hee!"

Heh. That's sweet. But... I don't want to hurt you or anything, and I also don't want to trip either.

"Alright, Sunshine. I'm up... and out of the way. But I'll try to brace you if you start to topple."

Thank you. O...Kay. I can do this, because I know what all the parts are and what they do and that...

"You're overthinking. Just do it."

Yeah, yeah, you're right. Ok. Ahhh.... and... WHOO! That was really easy! I am standing! That was nothing! It was so easy!

"Hee! Your wings are flaring out in excitement, Sunshine!"

Wow, they are. I guess they do that. Hey, look at me move them. I can flap them... sort of. That is... so cool. Hey, at least I can fan myself if I get hot. That's something they're good for. And I could dust. I'll be good at housework, I guess. Sunshine Laughter, professional featherduster!

"Hee hee! Maybe you can be a maid at the castle in Canterlot!"

Ain't no way this pony is being anypony's maid, sister. No way, no how. So I guess I'll have to learn to fly, then. Later. Not today. Today, I walk, another day I fly.

I'm gonna try walking now, Millie. I'm just gonna do it. I'm on a mattress... thing... which isn't actually that good. I'd probably do better on the hard floor, come to think of it. At least it's a mattress on the floor, so that is something. A mat. I guess this is called a mat, not a mattress. Anyway, here goes. Just like a baby crawls, only on tippytoes.

"That's it, Sunshine. Yes! Yay! Very good!"

It was a little tricky getting off the mat, but I feel solid now, on the tile. I'm going to try to walk to the mirror on the door now. Just in case, could you...

"I'm right here, Sunshine. I'll do my best if you should fall."

Thank you again, Millie. Here we go. Hey, this isn't so tough. It's just exactly like crawling... kind of. Actually, it's easier. Wow. This is not nearly as hard as it's made out to be. It's actually pretty easy. Huh. I'm kind of surprised.


Because on the hypernet there's all this stuff about how hard it must be for a newfoal to walk and crap. But... it really isn't. Things make sense. I don't know why I had trouble a while ago.

"You were still groggy from the medicine. That's what makes newfoals stumble. You've had time to rest and get used to yourself. Sometimes I think they try to get them walking too soon. Maybe it's better to just get to lie there for a while. You got to because I told Dr. Candysmiles that I would watch you and help you. I think he expected me to Drill Sargent you into walking immediately, but I just wanted to cuddle. I think it worked out better."

I do too. Hey, protip everypony: when you get converted, make sure you have a lovely lover beside you to cuddle with and take your time. Walk when you're ready and not a moment before. And... also, remember that all the parts are the same, only... you walk on your tippytoes. Piece of cake. I'm almost disappointed because it's not very dramatic to just up and... OH MY... THAT'S ME! THAT'S ME IN THE MIRROR!

"Yes! Look at that pretty pony in the mirror, Sunshine! Isn't she adorable?"

Not as adorable as a certain coppery earthpony I know... I think her name was Helen, or Louise, or Bob or something. She lives miles from here and...

"You big silly meany pegasus!"

Hee hee hee! Oh, gosh, look at that! That's me! That is my face. That... pony in the mirror... is me. I have violet eyes. Wow. That is something. And eyelashes. Long ones. I can really bat those things around! There's my ears! Wow, they are taller than they felt. And my hair... I mean my mane. I guess straight hair isn't so bad. GRRRRR... really nice teeth AHHH GRRRR... BLAAAAA... huh. My tongue just looks like tongue. I don't know what I expected. It's kind of an odd color, but not that different. LGAAAA....GLG... It sure is long though. Wow. That is almost creepy.

Let's see... up close... it's kind of weird having a coat of short hair all over my face. It stops at the edge of my lips. Blue hair. It comes in different lengths, doesn't it? Really tiny and short near my lips and eyes... but longer here on my... what's the front here? My neck? My... I don't have breasts anymore... well not there, anyway. My chest, I guess. Where are my... between the legs, right? They're real tiny. I can barely even see them. I'm totally flat!

"It isn't like in humans, Sunshine. Our breasts are flat and tiny until we actually need them. Then they swell up, but only if we get pregnant. Other than that, they stay really small. And once we don't need them to feed a foal anymore, they go back to being small again."

So... stealth teats, is that it? Transformer teats. I guess it's efficient, but what do we... well, show off, you know?

"Well... um... there are... ways. There's stuff. Don't worry about that now. Ponies have their own ways of showing their sexiness off, don't you worry."

OK, I'll take your word for it for now. Ooh, I like swinging my tail, I gotta see my bootie. Just turn around here... hey, oh, yeah, baby has back! Look at that booooootayyy! Yes, howdy! We definitely get pert little bottoms, no two ways around that. What the? Oh, Ok, huh.... that's... that's my...

"Yes, it is. And I remind you that the holocorder is on. You might want to..."

TAIL DOWN! Um, you all didn't see that. You saw nothing out there, understood? That didn't happen. Arggh. Oh.... uh.... um...  fooey. I kinda forgot myself there. It's all so new, you know? Oh. Uh oh.

"What is it, Sunshine?"

I, uh, well... I kind of have to use the little ponies room, and... I don't even have a clue what to do!

"Come on. I'll take you. It's super easy, but I'll show you. Here, let's turn off the 'corder for now and

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"Don't worry about it, Sunshine. It happened to me, too."

Yeah, but... I should have realized that... no, I mean... how is anypony supposed to realize they pee from there? I mean seriously, I tried to keep my tail out of the stream but...

"It's because everything is higher up and farther back. You really have to lift your tail, sure. But you also have to move it to the side. I tried to tell..."

I know, I know, it isn't your fault. You did your best, I just wasn't coordinated enough or something. Fortunately the shower is right there, and that took care of that, but I guess I just feel a little embarrassed. I really should have paid attention to that cartoon about the Parts Of The Pony, and learned my own body. I feel so stupid for that.

"Oh, Sunshine, you just had a lot of human baggage, that's all. Here, stop a moment. Ok. Now think, or rather feel. Feel inside yourself. I know you were all brave and admitted you like cartoons, before, even though you were ashamed of that fact. Now, tell me, how do you feel now about cartoons, and about how you reacted back then?"

Well... I love them. I've always loved them. Who wouldn't, cartoons are fun! And they're art, because real ponies worked on them. Well, humans, but still. And as for me... I just don't understand... why I thought I should hide that love. I was really silly, wasn't I? I don't feel any shame at all. I like cartoons, and... cute things... and bright, happy, silly things... and I always have, only now... I don't care who knows. In fact, if anything, I just want to talk about such things. I'm... proud of the fact that I like them. Huh. That's really different.

My dad, he wanted me to be a big corporate woman someday. Or at least be a successful twoper. And... there is no room in that for liking anything if it isn't practical and sensible. So I learned to be ashamed of anything simple, or cute, or silly, or... fun, really. Fluffy. My dad hated 'fluffy thinking'. But now... all of that just seems silly and dumb. Fun things are what is important. It isn't like I need to be anything or do anything super important. I just need to be happy and make friends and... be. Just be... me. A pony.

"Exactly! All the pressure is gone, isn't it? There will always be food, and always be shelter, and somepony will always help if you are in trouble, and the only ambition is to be... nicer that yesterday, if you can be. That's a worthwhile ambition, I think."

It is such a huge difference in worldview. My goodness. I can't believe how different I feel inside about all of that stuff now. I feel... light. I feel like this huge stone has been taken off of me. I just need to be a nice little pony. That's all anypony needs to be. Everything else is just fun. And I want to be a nice little pony. I don't feel bitter, I don't feel angry, I don't... I don't feel a lot of negative things.

That actually kind of scares me a little. I think some of my self definition was based on anger. On the things I was angry about. But... that's all gone now. I feel a little like I don't know who I am anymore. Like... am I still me or not?

"Of course you're still you. You're just you without all the anger and pain and bitterness. Now you get to discover and meet the you that is happy and glad and open to others. I think you'll find, like I did, that that you is a much better you than you could ever have imagined."

I do... feel like that. I... I just feel like... things are nice. Like... like I'm nice. I've never felt 'nice' before.

"It was even bigger for me. Because of my past, with Razor, and everything. I like feeling nice. I like feeling like a good pony who only wants to do and be good things. I like that feeling a lot."

Oh... my gosh. Oh.... goodness. I've just realized something.

"What, Sunshine?"


Just a moment... I think someponies at the door. Ah... COME IN?

"Hello! I understand we have a new pegasus today?"

Oh, yes! Hello! That would be me. I was converted today. Just this morning. I'm Sunshine. Sunshine Laughter, and this is my friend, Millie.


"Hello there! I'm Snowdancer, from Scheduling. I have a new schedule here for you, Sunshine. This is a specialized schedule of classes for pegasai. Pegasai need special training in flight and in cloudwalking, cloudshaping, and other pegasus skills. I really recommend you attend these classes during your stay here at the Bureau. All three kinds of ponies have their own special skills and it is important to know what makes you, as a pegasus, special.

Here you go, this lists all the important classes and their times, as well as the general classes. The general classes for everypony are still useful and I do recommend them, of course.

So, are you happy? Are you adjusting alright? Any concerns at all?"

Um... I'm... I'm really happy, actually! I really am! I think I'm adjusting OK... It's a little strange to have wings, but I'm making friends with them. Hello wings! See! Happy wings! and... I guess my only concern was just addressed by my friend, Millicent here, so...I'm a... I'm a happy little pony!

"Well! It certainly seems that way, from that big smile. I'll leave you two to your day, then. If you have any questions about the schedule, or anything about the classes, just come see me. I'm on the second floor in the offices, Snowdancer, just ask for me. Have a good day, then. Ooh, it's almost lunch!"

Thank you! And bye! Well, she seemed really nice, didn't she?

"Hee hee.... hee..."

What's so funny?

"I was just thinking about the other day, when we were up in the offices and you were all like 'I want to see somepony in charge' and 'Grrrr, Grrrr ROWF!'"

Oh... my. I feel so bad about that now. Oh gosh. I... maybe I should go say I'm sorry. I was really being bad, back then, wasn't I?

"Oh, oh, I'm sorry Sunshine. I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I just thought it was funny, the difference, that's all. Back then you were a human. That isn't you. You're a pegasus now. It's just different, that's all."

I... guess it is. I was going to say, before Snowdancer knocked on the door.... I was going to say that I've noticed a difference too.

"What, what difference?"

Well, in all of this time, I haven't sworn once. I haven't wanted to. It just hasn't even entered my mind. And that's weird, because I am so used to swearing all the time. But... it just isn't necessary. It.. I guess it never really was.

"I kind of think it was necessary. You were in a lot of pain, I could see that from the moment we met. It was there, under the jokes and the running around all Now! Now! Now! I think maybe you needed to swear a lot back then."

I don't seem to need to now. I don't feel like I did. I just feel... well, kind of happy, kind of glad, kind of grateful, and not at all sad. Hee!

"That was awesome, Sunshine! I didn't know you could do poetry."

I didn't either. It was 'fluffy thinking', according to my dad. Oh! Snowdancer said it was nearly lunch! It will be my First Meal As A Pony, won't it?

"Yes! Yes it will!"

Oh, wow! How much time is it until...


It's LUNCH! Oh, Millicent, please, let's go right now! I get to sit at the pony table as a pony! I can't wait! First Meal As A Pony!

"I'm excited too, Sunshine! I can't wait to see you try all the wonderful pony foods! You have to try hay, seriously, it's great!'

I can't wait! I've got a brand new mouth, and I want to use it on brand new foods!

"After you, guest of honor First Meal As A Pony pegasus!"

Oh, Millie... I... I feel like a foal again! I just... the whole world just feels like wonder right now. Thank you. Thank you so much.

"Sun... Sunshine? Oh... I like you too. Awww.... hee... now. Let's go try some tasty new foods, alright?"


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