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Rare Anime and Science Fiction, Sounds, Soundtracks, Filk music, comedy, and more, streaming from my private collection! Just click on the picture!

"It is not accurate to say that there is horror in the universe. The universe is horror."

- Dr. Werner Heisenberg, physicist

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The Conversion Bureau stories are set in a near future where the earth is rapidly being absorbed by an alien universe. With only seven years before the planet is destroyed, humanity has only one means of escape: to be transformed into the native life of the alien cosmos and resettle there. The aliens are sapient equinoids, and the cosmos is the Equestria of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic!

To Save Her is a Unicorn Jelly story, set amidst the myriad splays -alternate universe variations- of the cosmos of Tryslmaistan, first seen in the original Unicorn Jelly. Done in richly painted black and white, with a slight Noir flavor, it follows the efforts of a very determined Jellese Kay (Kay-Wai variant) who is on a crusade to rescue "The most important person who ever lived".


Pastel Defender Heliotrope is the fully hand-painted story of a mysteriously animated artificial being and her quest for identity within a strange universe with unique physical laws. Pastel Defender Heliotrope examines the nature of what it means to be alive, and the impact of the individual upon society, all against a backdrop of unique and alien cosmological events. Pastel Defender Heliotrope is also available in print, in hardback.

Unicorn Jelly     

Unicorn Jelly is a vast philosophical science fiction manga strip which tells a metaphoric and purposeful story with a definitive beginning and ending.  Full online comic available, plus massive amounts of support materials, an active forum, downloads and more!  Unicorn Jelly is also available in print, in hardback.

Unicorn Jelly Forum

 The official forums for Jenniverse, Pastel Defender Heliotrope and Unicorn Jelly, featuring a fantasic community of brilliant, polite people!
 Hosted courtesy of the original Unicorn Jelly Forum.

AVAILABLE NOW!!! Version 2.0.5
Download the infamous and bizarre little game that put Accursed Toys just off of the margins of the map!
Instructions and and an interview with main characters Yeet and Boik are also available!

Impossible Things Before Breakfast is a cartoon exploration of actual anomalous, infranatural events common to my life. I am no stranger to the strange, and these true accounts of the bizarre are as exactingly accurate as I can make them.

A wild hard-science fiction novel of the year 2050, where one massive corporation owns everything, where blue-eyed genetically chimeric anthropups track down enemies of the state, and where nanotechnology is reserved for terraforming the planet Venus. Join the renegade Tala as she turns the corporate state upside down, and leaves a dying earth for stranger pastures!

A contemporary novel of ruthlessly black comedy, deep friendship, political satire, and the reality of being impoverished and homeless within the most powerful and wealthy nation in the history of mankind. Based on true events and experiences.


Created 35 years ago, Cosmochronicles was drawn between the ages of 11 and 13. Telling a complete story involving the adventures of a starship exploring several universes. Ultimately they travel in time. Drawn in pencil and pen, it is Jennifer's earliest complete work.

A little book about the exquisite agony of the unsolved enigma. 
This is potentially a work-in-progress, and more pages may be added at a later time, which will be posted in the News section.

Random Story Generator

Jenniversal Random Adventure Generator
Clever story generation toy. Constantly in development.


Jennifer's Kamishibai Stories
Animated stories plus story player program.

Jennifer occasionally gets her hands on a digital camera. She takes pictures of stuff. Mostly stuff she has made, such as sculptures and scratch-built models. There are some pictures of her, too.

My DeviantART account. I am Aealacreatrananda there.

Jennifer Plays Warhammer 40,000, and here you can see and read about her Vas'Quez Tau army, battles, and best enemies! Many photographs and her original 40K Army Cards!

A complete and functional tabletop wargame that will allow you to turn any miniature, any toy, or even any object into a playable unit for tabletop wargaming fun. Oh, and it's also a parody of Warhammer 40K, too!

New Version 3.14159 available!!!

Although her 14 year career in the computer games industry never resulted in any tangible success, Jennifer still loves, plays, and designs games of all kinds. Here are her original games and game related materials for you to enjoy.


Otakuworld is one of the oldest and most successful anime websites ever. Subscription supported, it houses the largest and most complete archival collection of anime and manga based resources, downloads and materials in the world.

Jennifer Diane Reitz Speaks  THE JENNILOG 
Jennifer has been known, on occasion, to express her unique thoughts and perceptions. Here you can read articles by her. If you dare.

Jennilog Archive
Available Here



The official Bristol Stool Chart is not enough. I have revised it.

Underground Comix

Sometimes adolescent, perverted and purile, these 'underground comix' works were created by Jennifer at various ages and times. This section is not intended for viewing by children as it includes materials that would be highly questionable to some parents.

A very original creation of a personal Tarot Deck. A little book of mysteries and wonders,
of symbolic images and of curious and strange stories to go with them. 
A truly unusual work, filled with Deep Nonsense and
Foolish Wisdoms. 

Fan created artworks of all kinds can be found here. Touching, brilliant and clever creations by fans from all over the world.
Wonderful things to see!

Jennifer's information and support site about Gender Dysphoria, and the complexities surrounding it. Features both basic and advanced information about the condition, provided in a gentle and compassionate manner.

STREAM available of my collection of odd and rare music from anime, movies, television and science fiction!

All about my failed game, which cost me 14 years of pointless, fruitless struggle!


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