Vas'Quez Tau
The Tau Of Vas'Quez 4

     Stealthsuit Team Soft Rain

Shas'Vre Commander Stillsea has a problem.

StillSea is, as his name implies, steady, quiet, and deep. This is not the case with his two team members, both part of his bonded family group, who essentially play the part of Larry and Moe from the Three Stooges.  Where StillSea is serious, his team mates are even yet excited about how the jet packs in their suits allow them to leap and hop like rabbits on crack. At least they can focus in battle. A bit, anyway.

StillSea would like to be helpful to Commander WarmRain, whom he admires, but his own shyness, combined with the reckless antics of his team, have placed a wedge between him and his goal.

Oh well. At least when the embarrassment level becomes too great, he can switch on his stealth field and hide.

No one sees him much these days.


About the Miniature:

I was unable to get a satisfactory image of all three members of my stealth team, the other two have been mounted in flying -leaping and jumping poses. I liked the effect another painter did with his Stealth team of making the legs show electrical effects to denote the stealth field in action; I imitated the look. I used a spray modelkit paint for the basic finish, which I then detailed with acrylics. I liked the ultra-glossy sheen.

About the Army Card:

With only three members to the stealth team, adding Bonding was an obvious choice, I think - I don't want the remaining team running off the battlefield in terror if one of them is shot, which invariably happens. Increasing their Ballistic Skill with a Targeting Array also helps; to be useful, they need to hit most of the time, since they serve a valuable purpose. With one burst cannon attack per stealthsuit plus a nice fusion attack for the commander, the stealth team can deliver seven attacks in one turn, one of them Melta. This team can do some damage.

With that lovely Fusion Blaster on StillSea, he is one of my best hopes to take out pesky armored vehicles that my other units cannot easily touch. Melta Weapons are made for that purpose. That is another reason I took a Hard-Wired Target Lock; even if the team is otherwise engaged, StillSea can target something else more useful, while his teammates deal with whatever immediate threat is upon them.

Of all the army cards I have done, I like the illustration on this one the best.

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