Vas'Quez Tau
The Tau Of Vas'Quez 4

     Piranha Team Iron Zephyr

From out in the desert night comes a shriek of speed and fury. A heliotrope blur whines past, skimming the ground like a low flying hawk. The enemy cowers in horror as the winged bullet tears the very air, ripping the sky overhead. The horrific bird of prey receeds in the distance, out of control, out of mind, out of ammo.

Once again, Commander WarmRain slaps her forehead, looks at her booted hooves, and sighs.

About the Miniature:

I like the look of the Tau Piranha, and tried to be very neat. I spent a lot of time doing the control panels (below). Also, I wanted to be able to disembark the troops inside -after all, they count- and so I customized the model so that it was possible to remove the pilot figures entirely, leaving an empty vehicle... something the model was not built to do.

The base has dry grass made from broom material on it to enhance the desert look.

About the Army Card:

I am still trying to 'get' the use of the cool-looking Piranha. It is fast, yes, but it is also fairly weak, and something just isn't clicking for me in terms of strategy here.

I choose to kit out my Vas'Quez Piranha with Target Lock, Flechettes Pods, and Decoy Launchers to increase it's power and survival a bit, and the Targeting Lock helps it actually hit a little more often.

I think it is primarily best at anti-personnel use, but it will take time for me to truly grasp it's value.

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