Vas'Quez Tau
The Tau Of Vas'Quez 4

     Very Most Revered Aun Ethereal Caste Nobles ...Plus Two

Three nagging, complaining and haughty ruling Ethereal Caste nobles are, as has been said, bad enough. Vas'Quez Commander WarmRain understood that her real mission, probably of more import than discovering the secrets of Eldar Technology or preparing a suspicious planet for colonization, was to babysit the unwanted and annoying outcasts of the Etherial Caste.

What she wasn't ready for was the unpleasant discovery that bastards have their fans.

Aun'o Swift Snow and Aun'el Bright Day were not merely the primary instructors of poor Commander Warmrain's three terrors, they were also the three unwanted Etherials biggest supporters. More terrible still, Swift Snow and Bright Day were reasonably powerful in political circles, and even mildly famous on certain Sept worlds.

Such power can be parlayed into a Special Envoy Mission Support Supplementation Reinforcement Mission... a Moniker which instantly indicates everything one needs to know about Aun's Swift Snow and Bright Day.

Aun'o Swift Snow, ever with blade in hand, spends most of his day practicing for battles he can never be allowed to fight, while recounting - to anyone unfortunate enough to make eye contact - endless tales of literally unbelievable tales of hand-to-hand combats he could never have been allowed to actually engage in.

Aun'el Bright Day, on the other hand, is simply not the physical sort. Instead he is prone to lenghtly philosophical pronouncements, imagining himself to be some sort of great Tau thinker of historical caliber.

Although she has not yet dared to mention it, Commander WarmRain is fairly certain that at least half of the weighty observations of Aun Bright Day originated in a Tau Children's program she used to watch back in her days in the creche. It wasn't that interesting of a program.

One thing that cannot be disputed is that the new Auns are here.

On the up side, the two blustering and overly dramatic Auns did bring very welcome additional supplies, and even two incredibly useful new battlesuit pilots of decent and capable character. They even brought a shipment of degranulated Spoo, and a small farm's worth of pigs to satisfy the ham cravings of the slightly creepy Sniper Commander Sun "I like ham" Willow too.

On the down side, the two blustering and overly dramatic Auns also brought themselves.

And they do not intend to leave. 


About the Miniatures:

Aun Bright Day had no customization at all, save, of course, for the base. I have to say that this has been my favorite model of all the Etherials, and I tried very hard to do an especially good job of it. I like it because it depicts the anatomy of the Tau very well, and thus provides a very good sense of a living being, with a unique evolution.

Aun Swift Snow also had no special alteration. I enjoyed painting the long skirts, and strived to paint a fabric-like texture on the smooth metal surfaces of the model.

Why so many Etherials, you may ask - especially since, being a HQ unit, only two at maximum can ever be used in one army?

I bought them before I knew that limitation on army construction. I imagined a fighting force of Kung-Fu Etherials, you see, slashing and hacking in a very surprisingly un-Tau way, preserved from the 'Price of Failure' rule by being universally Fearless.  It seemed brill to me to surprise an opponent with the Tau equivalent of Shaolin Monks, cheap, multi-wound, tough and capable in number. What a shock to a player expecting the typical, shooty Tau army, right?

Not to be. Only two HQ units in a standard army. And, after having an Etherial killed only to watch virtually my entire army run off the board... I don't want either of those slots filled with Etherials.

So they are completely useless to me.

But I painted them anyway, because... well, they are very cool looking, and painting -by itself- is, after all, one part of the hobby.

About the Army Cards:

Why do army cards for yet more useless Etherials I will never likely use?

Why not? I have it down to a fairly easy process now. What the heck... And, you never know. Maybe one game I will get crazy and use them, or ask Eldenath for a special rules game where I field my five Etherials just to see what happens.

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