Vas'Quez Tau
The Tau Of Vas'Quez 4

     Ethereal Caste Commander Dark Glade

Shown here ordering Ethereal Noble Autumn Sun to fetch him one of those addictive Gui'La (human) cold beverages stored in cylindrical metal canisters. It's hot on the deserts of Vas'Quez 4.

Where Auns Autumn Sun and First Snow are the Dumb and Dumber of the three disgraced Tau Ethereals Commander WarmRain has to put up with, Revered Aun Dark Glade is surely the Tau Chris Crocker; a showy bitch with needs.

If Dark Glade isn't whining about how heavy robes are too hot for a desert world (Take them off, idiot!) he is making observations about how, precisely, WarmRain isn't doing her job correctly. Then there is the matter of imagining that he should be on the front lines slicing tanks in half with his honor spear - if the Eldar can pull off a stunt like that with those silly Witchblades, then surely a Tau Ethereal should be able to level entire Space Marine divisions with one blow!

Perhaps Commander WarmRain may have idly wondered about how the Etherials dealt with the incompetent among their ranks; certainly she now wishes she did not know the answer.

Where a Tau Ethereal should be grand, stately, wise, and guru-like, Aun Dark Glade is anything but, his pomposity rivaled only by his constant irrational demands.

If it were not for the mysterious power of control the Etherials hold over all other Tau, there would be some mysterious and unexplained fragging of royalty going on in the deserts of Vas'Quez.


About the Miniature:

No customization here except the base, the color scheme follows the Vas'Quez mission; primary heliotrope, secondary white, with command represented by teal and black. The Etherials also claim deep, royal heliotrope-purple as their additional color. Not to mention gold. Oh, how they love the bling.


About the Army Card:

I choose to give this honor blade wielding Aun some EMP grenades just in case they might come in handy versus a vehicle someday. I reasoned that having a superior strength for a Tau, such a situation might just arise; this Ethereal is almost combat-worthy. Except for the complete lack of any armor save, of course.

It is my hope to have this Aun actually fight something and win, using terrain for cover saves to make up for any personal protection.

It has yet to happen.

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