Vas'Quez Tau
The Tau Of Vas'Quez 4

     Very Most Revered Aun'El Ethereal Caste Nobles

Three nagging, complaining and haughty ruling Ethereal Caste nobles are bad enough. When they are all disgraced nobles and have been sent into exile as 'Observers' of every little thing you do, they become a force such that you prefer having the Eldar shoot at you. Poor Commander WarmRain.

Aun'El First Snow (Aun O'Aloh) and Aun'El Autumn Sun(Aun Fio'Shas'ka  -  front two in photo above) are basically the Tau equivalent of Bill and Ted, or perhaps Bob and Doug (or Beavis and Butthead), only spoiled rotten by wealth and power. Inseparable, the two refuse to do anything unless they are there together. This is usually trouble, primarily because, having been introduced to ancient martial arts films by the Gui'la programmer that developed the 'Real Personality' system used on the Vas'Quez Drones, First Snow and Autumn Sun want to be kung fu stars.

This would be OK if they could fight, or more accurately defend, which they utterly cannot. To say they have glass jaws is to ignore the quivering tapioca that actually form their lower lips. These two go down faster than an Imperial Space Marine in a monastery cloister.

As long as WarmRain keeps them plied with liquid rations and crates of old movies from nearby Terran colonies, they aren't so bad. Mostly.


About the Miniatures:

The only customization is the base, which is actually two bases superglued on top of each other to form a mound, then much rock and celluclay was used to form a sandswept surface. The blue flame patterns on the robes of Autumn Sun (right, photo) were tricky to paint. Great effort was made to make the gems and globes look translucent.


About the Army Card:

I am still trying to figure out why having an Aun is actually good for anything. They are fun to paint, more so than any other figure in the Tau army, and they are cheap at 50 points, but you can only have two at a time, and despite looking like bruisers, it would be insane to let them fight, as they have no armor save at all. Worse, of they die, then there is a strong chance that most or all of the entire Tau army will just pack up and leave.

If only they were allowed to use those fancy weapons, and one could field a squad of them, all with decent cover saves, it might just give the Tau something truly cool to use... kung fu monks in effect. Alas.

The Preferred Enemy status given to the part of the army that does not run away after an Aun casualty would be great, except that the Tau are generally weak and unable to fight in close combat with anything stronger than their own zippers.

Fearlessness is a double edged sword; it is not such a good idea for useless fighters to fail to run away if hit, on the other hand the irony of making incompetent melee fighters fearless is hilariously useless.

The only saving grace is being able to re-roll morale; allowing a second chance to make your troops run screaming like little girls, something they actually should be doing, fairly regularly.

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