Vas'Quez Tau
The Tau Of Vas'Quez 4

     Devilfish Troop Carrier Swift Maelstrom

If you want Pathfinders, you have to have a Devilfish to carry them. It's a rule. The Pathfinder Union on T'au is remarkably powerful, especially since they were permitted rail rifles; assassinations are up and Union opposition is down. So, no Devilfish, no Pathfinders. They go on strike, you know. Even if they don't want or need them.

Fortunately, Fire Team Commander Stormwind does have a use for a Devilfish; he hides behind it with his team and lays down a withering barrage under the hovering vehicle, using it for a shield. This 'Fish of Fury' technique is old but still valuable; you can shoot but the enemy cannot get to you easily.

Especially since approaching the Devilfish can cause the activation of flesh-shredding Flechette pods if an enemy assaults the thing.

And, of course, it is a good battlefield taxi, which can be used to run away... move to a more strategic position... in at a moment's notice.

But perhaps the best thing about the Swift Malestrom is the sweet, sweet Seeker Missile mounted underneath. If the Pathfinders can stop playing railgunner long enough to bother to get a Markerlight lock, no one can say no to the Maelstrom's gayly red-tipped message of love.

Commander Stormwind already considers the Maelstrom to be 'his' personal vehicle.

About the Miniature:

I used an airbrush to coat the model with the custom color I created for the entire army. Just this shade of Heliotrope -not pink, not purple, Heliotrope- is impossible unless you mix it yourself. I keep the excess in a small squeeze bottle - I doubt I can ever match it perfectly again.

I had originally intended that all the hatches should work, but I was unable to deal with drilling hinge holes, so I have marginally glued the side and top hatch shut - they could be reopened if I ever get ambitious enough. The interior is painted, and I tried to weather the inner grating of the working back hatch (above). The engines have oil and dirt streaks, I see the Vas'Quez mission as getting old equipment freshly repainted... all looks and no substance.

About the Army Card:

The options I took for my Devilfish are a bit of overkill, but I don't expect to have another one in my army, so I wanted to kit my only one out. Flechette Pods seem a grand defence, but so far have never been used; I am generally attacked from afar, or, as was the case in a recent game, destroyed instantly (by a single blow from an Eldar Witchblade!)

The number of attacks a Devilfish can produce may seem impressive, with three Burst Cannon rounds and two Gun Drone shots, but it is overall five very weak attacks, and the Drones, as always, almost never hit.

The Seeker missile can only be activated by a Markerlight externally, so that really doesn't help the Devilfish itself.

Oddly, I've seldom actually used it for transport. It is basically a hovering mobile attack wall to me.

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