Vas'Quez Tau
The Tau Of Vas'Quez 4

     XV8 Crisis Suit Bodyguard Commander Far Dawn

Bodyguard Commander Far Dawn (Shas'O Vas'Quez Tor'kan'Rotaa) is perhaps the only experienced member of the problematic Vas'Quez mission. A gruff and worldly battlesuit veteran, Far Dawn fought Orks and supported commanders before Commander WarmRain was even born. Far Dawn's knowledge is legendary, but his skills are waning, and age and injury have slowed him down. Worse, he has become hopelessly addicted to the drug used in his Battlesuit's stimulant Injector, slipping off every half an hour "To check his suit". Thanks to political connections with the stimulant lobby in the Tau capital, he was to be retired to a particularly luxurious pensionm - one that angered a long time rival in the upper heirarchy of the Tau Fire Caste who is opposed to stimulant use.

Unfortunately for Far Dawn, that disgrultled Fire Caste official held sway with a politically powerful Etherial, and thus the battlesuit commander finds himself stop-lossed into an endless tour of duty on Vas'Quez 4.

At least the heat is good for his aching joints. Or would be, except that the air conditioning in his Crisis Suit is stuck full on, and nobody has been able to fix it for good, yet. Brrr.

It is a cold day in hell for Crisis Suit Commander Far Dawn.

About the Miniature:

I was inspired by some images on the internet of what others had done with their crisis suit modeling, and attempted a more dynamic pose myself. I wanted to achieve the feeling that Far Dawn could so skillfully use his thrusters as to effectively lower the weight of his battlesuit, permitting him to lightly leap and skip over obstacles. To do this, I drilled a hole in the bottom of the model to permit the attachment of a translucent 'flying' rod. I also carefully drilled out the four burst cannon barrels. They just looked bad flat, without barrel holes.

The base was made from two flying bases glued together, which I then topped with bits of shaped styrofoam, real rocks, and celluclay. I positioned the model so that it would appear as if far Dawn had just jetted up, with one foot just taking purchase on a rock.

About the Army Card:

I choose to add Vectored Thrusters because the notion of the hit and run rule seemed very useful to me, and it has been just that, considering how terribly weak a Tau Crisis Suit actually is in melee combat. One would think that a mech large enough to house a man would pack a serious punch, but in hand to hand combat, this hulking battlesuit is less powerful than a single Space Marine in light power armor.

I wanted Far Dawn to be accurate, so I added a Targeting Array. The Multi-Tracker was an obvious choice - more shots, more value for the points. In actual use, Far Dawn has been fairly helpful; with an Assault 3, Strength 5 weapon pared with a Strength 6 rapid fire rifle, within 12 inches on the field, he can lay down up to five attacks in one shooting phase, and then simply Jet Pack away in the assault phase. If he gets wounded, there is a 50/50 chance he can shrug off the hit... provided that the attack is not Instant Death or from a melee weapon that eliminates saves. I guess that is pretty nice juice they are injecting him with inside that suit.

Five attacks at close range, four at long. Not bad.

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