Vas'Quez Tau
The Tau Of Vas'Quez 4

     Shas'O Vas'Quez Worthy Destiny

One really great thing that the arrival of two new useless Etherials to the planet Vas'Quez is that they were both basically cowardly, and to deal with that fear, they brought along protection in the form of two highly rated battlesuit commanders.

After hearing about the constant string of defeats that Commander WarmRain has suffered versus the Eldar, the two new Auns decided that a new command vision was the answer. To that end they forced the respected XV 88 Crisis Commander Shas'O Worthy Destiny to jump on a Tau freighter with them and come lead the Vas'Quez forces under Commander WarmRain, who could now sit out battles in comfort (and a bit of fuming).

Shas'O Worthy Destiny may be poorly named for a future on the backwater planet of Vas'Quez (or Calentar, if the Eldar have their way) but he is of such dignity and will that whatever his circumstance, he will endeavor to shine.

And shine he has, like a gleaming sword stuck into the belly of the enemy; since his arrival he has done nothing but win for the Vas'Quez Tau. This both infuriates and delights Commander WarmRain.

Dignified, implacable, and courageous, Worthy Destiny is an expert at the Tau way of war, and whether playing Patient Hunter (Kauyon) or lunging foreward for the Killing Blow (Mont'Ka), he has been deadly to any foe unfortuate enough to cross his path.

Things are looking up for the Vas'Quez Tau!

About the Miniature:

I sawed off and mounted Worthy Destiny's arm-mounted Airbursting Fragmentation Projector as a shoulder mounted weapon, and affixed his Multi-Tracker on top of the Missile Pod. To represent the additional close combat ability he has (a 4 instead of a 3 !!! Whoohaa!!!) , I affixed Kroot rifle blades into the weapon mounting slots on the forearms of the battlesuit model. The effect, I think, is very nice.

For the color scheme, I went with an entirely light teal head, to represent his command status... in the Vas'Quez Tau, the command color is teal, and elite status is represented by black.  I put the commander in a flying pose, much like Commander FarDawn's mech suit.

I was especially careful to use fine highlights on all the edges of the suit, and the effect, I think, really makes the suits 'pop'.

About the Army Card:

Commander WarmRain convinced me of the efficacy of the Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, so I did the mail-order thing to get one for Worthy Destiny. As an option for a Tau Battlesuit, it really is sublime, at least as an all-purpose anti-personnel weapon.

You can only have one of these weapons per army, so that means that I cannot play Commander WarmRain and Worthy Destiny in the same game - they are mutually exclusive units. One or the other, but never both together.

The Airbursting Fragmentation Projector allows you to slap down a Large Blast Marker,  and anything within that diameter is instantly hit with a strength 4, AP 5 wound, with NO SAVE allowed. You can use it while moving. It is precise - you do not have to roll scatter dice for it, because it drops hundreds of tiny bomblets over an area. Just utterly lovely. Basically it functions just like the trick Kaye Haychold used to tag Only with a Recycler Button in my comic To Save Her. Once I realized this, I knew how to use this weapon to full effect. It kills Eldar dead. Essentially, any Guardians under that marker die, instantly, if they are in the open, without any cover (you always get environmental Cover Saves).

I never grasped the value of the Missile Pod, but now I do. It is reasonably nasty. Worthy Destiny can launch two Strength 7, AP 4 (any armor save four or above is ignored) hits virtually any distance I would care to hit. 36" is almost infinity on a W40K table. Almost. It's far. Little, perhaps nothing but a tank, can survive that.

No wonder Worthy Destiny is undefeated as of this writing.

And as if that were not enough, I gave him an ejection seat, so that if the battlesuit is killed, he can survive and pepper anything around him with that lovely Pulse Pistol and the 2 shots at close range he has. Even if he is defeated, he can come back and sting whoever blew up his mech.

I... love... this unit. It is arguably my best unit.

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