Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

     Calentar Eldalon Pathfinder Rangers:  Taur Amandil

The forest steems to stir with a wind unfelt, an unnatural hush.                                           Alien bird calls twitter through the rustling leaves.

Birds?  Did you say Birds?  But, there AREN'T any birds on this hunk of rock!

Did that tree trunk just move?  

The Tau's reaction to their first encounter with the Pathfinders

About the Miniature:

Finding a way to make the Pathfinders blend into a forest, and still be pretty to look at, and clearly colored to match my army was my goal here.  I think I did a really good job, actually.  I even managed the best detail work I've done, so far, on their faces and eyes.  Getting the subtlety of shading on their cloaks was a 3 layer process with lots of drybrushing, which I seem to have finally mastered! 

Before I even approached painting my Pathfinders, I worked on techniques, exercises that Jennifer gave me to do every day.  I'm happy to say the patient devotion to these paid off.

The exclusive model below was something I simply had to have, and he deserved his own little cameo shot.  It's only available through the on-line store, specially ordered.  He was worth it!


About the Army Card:

Long range at last!

The advantages of the Pathfinders isn't just in their ability to be incredibly accurate snipers, though.  Deployment in the field is fantastic, and they get a first move, as part of the Scouts special rule.  They were in Tau territory before the skirmish even began!

My Pathfinders have taught me the value of having a squad that can truly close FAST.         

Up until now some of my army choices have been instictual and for aesthetic reason, I'm attracted to the look of one type of squad over another.

With their very first (and so far, only) battle, these guys have convinced me that it's time to get some Warp Spiders, and a Wave Serpent...ways to get my teams closer to the Tau, NOW.

Taur' Amandil's Proudest Moment(s):

These guys pretty much completely carried the last battle Jennifer and I fought,  all on their own.  They're amazingly fast, and in Assault mode the enemy never managed to lay a hand on them.

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