Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

     Calentar Eldalon Heavy Weapons Platform Team                 Blung Ambar

It takes a lot of strength to carry a Missile Launcher across a field.  Especially when doing so slows your whole squad down.  The cumbersome and unweildly nature of the platform is made up for by its range and power.  Proud specialist team Blung Ambar makes it their business to take out the heavy forces of the enemy before they can get into effective attacking range.

About the Miniatures:

I was so eager to paint these figures when I got them home that the very first thing I did was run to my artroom and start gluing them together.  I'm very very proud of them, as they were my first attempt. 

Since then, both my confidence and my skill level seems to waver at times.

These set the tone for my whole army, and I remember one of our Comic Book Shop's employees, who loves Warhammer 40K saying, only "Wow, those are BRIGHT!" when I proudly brought them in to show them off.  He said it like a bad thing, I took it for a complement.  I've never been one for dull color schemes.  Jennifer says they look like little Christmas Trees, their Spirit Stones being the ornaments.


About the Army Card:

This was my first acquisition of the Warhammer 40K Eldar force, and my first foray into the world of painting figures.

Blast templates are a glorious thing. 

Jennifer's made craters that can be placed on the battlefield as we play.

Let me say that this team has been the cause of many new smoking potholes littering the terrain! 

My choice of the Plasma Missile Launcher was naively aesthetic. 

Many of my early choices were pure instinct, and committed to the figures before I truly understood the potentials and possibilities they brought with them. 

Sometimes I regret this.....mostly when I'm losing.


Blung Ambar's Proudest Moment(s):


Missile Launcher go BOOM! 

Devilfish  go BOOM! 

Tau Firesquad go BOOM!

Me likely BOOM!

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