Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

Calentar Eldalon Wraith Lord Beleg Danhir

The wraithbone giant stood mute, half-buried in the sands of the destoyed world, waiting for millennia. The rare rain occasionally washed the dusty sand from the giant's contours, and from the hilt of it's never-rusting blade, still clutched as though in mid-attack. It was the last, and it's blow had been the last struck in an ancient war almost lost entirely to memory.

Then the call came. Faint, distant, like a whisper over the barren desert, a call sent from afar, but enough to awaken the dreaming soul locked within the sand sunken monstrosity. The creature stirred, and it's hollow armored hands began to methodically dig long buried legs from the sand. Soon heavy tracks led away from where it had once stood. Ancient, artificed, a warrior soul trapped within shaped wraithbone armor, unable to clearly see the world around it, yet it did not stumble. The call was clear. The giant strode proudly, with an ancient confidence born of both power and once living nobility.

Finally he stands before the Eldar warlock that called him. Beneath the giant's mammoth feet are the crippled remains of a Necron, the last of an ancient invasion force lost in the sands of time.  Beleg Danhir has awakened, at last.  The proximity of his returning kindred entered his dreamstate and kindled the warrior spirit within his empty hull to newfound strength.



Beleg's loyal Wraith Guard were the first to feel his approach, across the desert, and eventually they were able to convey their quest to the Warlock Squad that tended to them and aided in their sight.


Rodyn Dolenhoth is the first to arrive at Beleg's side, to aid his Wraith Sight abilities to Beleg's progress.  "Now the Tau will truly know their doom" the Warlock's anticipation of victory is almost contagious as he contemplates the next encounter against those who've dared to set up residence on the lost home world of his ancient race. Now he is sure that this is indeed their ancient homeworld, lost to the Necron so very long ago. The Calentar Eldalon wander the Eldar Webway no longer.

And the Tau will not desecrate their holy world any further. A lord of wraiths has come, and the pale blue blood of the Tau will stain the sand.

Guardian troops soon lead the heroic giant to their hidden Eldar base. Plans must be made.


About the Miniatures:

I had seen endless pictures of the Wraithlord models, and they were always posed the same way:  lifeless hunks (appropriate, I grant - but in my opinion, oh so boring!).  My proudest work on this figure is his pose.  I feel I was truly able to convey a sense of motion and grace - mobile, instead of stagnant power.  As usual, Jennifer did  a lot of help on this figure, though I am pleased to say that I did more than my share.  Jenny did the runes and detail work on the flowing  streamers and head.  The idea to add the Necrons to my backstory was in part inspired by my wanting to have a vanquished foe literally crushed under this massive Lord's feet.  If you look at the closeups, below, of the base, you can see that his footprints literally smashed the Necron's spine into the ground beneath him, and there's even a suggestion of a small puddle in the tread of the steps, as the Wraith Lord is literally crossing the boundary between the desert region and the moister, greener climes.


At first, Jennifer almost didn't like the look of the pattern I created on the face & head, but warmed to it in time - now she holds a high opinion of it, indeed.  I was very pleased with it, myself, from right off, I must admit.  It suggests a face, without truly giving a face, which I feel is very appropriate to a creature who has no need of eyes (or anything else, for that matter).  I envision this Wraithlord as having more (for a lack of a better word) personality...and spirit, more awareness and self-motivation then most others of his kind.  There's almost a sense of impetus to him, and a true desire for conquest and revenge.  I'm so VERY excited to get him on the field, and will write more, after he's made his debut.



About the Army Card:

Fitting all of the many details and weapons onto the card was a challange.  It was inevitable that I would add a Wraith Lord to my Eldar forces.  This behemoth towers over all other figures in the field, and is deadly for both long and close range.  The possibilities for mass destruction are something I'm hoping to explore in  more detail soon.


Wraith Lord 
Beleg Danhir's
Proudest Moment(s):

Has not been entered upon a battlefield,        as yet.






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