Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

     Calentar Eldalon Wraith Guard Squad Tirdain Lost~Thol

Hollow armor animated by the spirits of the valiant dead....what memories swirl in the mind fog of these ancient beings, and who would dare to find out ?  Rison is the Warlock most often entrusted as Spirit Seer guide to these mammoth beings, and his care for them is reflected in the sheen of their gleaming armor.  Maybe that's part of why they're hard to miss ? - that and the fact that they tower over the rest of the Eldar by half again the height of the tallest Elf ?   ........   Nah

The closest emotion that can be perceived from them is a sense of anticipation.  SOMETHING is waiting for them on this world; something they know; something that calls them.  Wakening in their dreamlike state, they feel the pull from a lost leader, a Wraithlord .  Each gate that's opened stirs them to hope for this to prove more than  illusion.


About the Miniatures:

I love the look of these guys!  Jennifer likens them to tall Irises, flowers whose head is the stem.  The decision to make their collars a deep red was partly influenced by this conceptual image.  I'm proud to say that most of the work on them was my own, for once.  Jennifer helped with doing the detailed lines on the loin clothes, and some of the finer finishing techniques.  Drybrushing the lighter shades on the fingers and the gun hoses was a new learning experience for me.


About the Army Card:

Once again, Jennifer's knack of attacking my strongest forces have left these guys without a chance to truly show how BAD they can be.

I'm beginning to think it might be wise for me to either leave them to the mercies of maneuvering without a Spirit Seer among them, or buying one more Farseer or Warlock that will serve as solely and completely a part of their squad, despite the way that that will affect their point value.

The biggest problem with these guys is that they're so damned slow.  It's all fine and well to have Goliaths on the field, but it really helps if you can get them in range to accomplish an attack.  

I've even tried being devious, and hiding them behind cover, tall as they are.  I know that Jennifer can sometimes forget about opponents that she can't see, which is the one advantage I'm able to exploit on her.    Hasn't panned out in the long run but I'm working on it.

Tirdain Lost~Thol's                            Proudest Moment(s):

Just you wait.................*evil laugh*

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