Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

     Calentar Eldalon Warlock Rodyn Dolenhoth

Rodyn tends to feel a bit like a third wheel around his fellow Warlocks, and is prone to shadowing the Farseer Tirhae.  Some say he's hoping to reap the rewards of Suletur's vast knowledge; some say he has a crush on him, or that he has some sort of bizarre father image fixation. 

Bootlicker is a more accurate term, and if there's a way he can see to make himself seem the more loyal of the Warlock Guard,  he'll find it.  Dolenhoth's not above besmirching the good name of his squadmates, and it's a darn good thing that his commander knows him well enough to ignore his petty attempts to undermine Thalion and Rison.

Because of his tendency to "not play well with others" Rodyn is rarely entrusted with missions of any major import.  That's really a shame, though....'cause despite his tendency for brown nosing he's a good shot, and he's hoping to get a chance to prove it...Soon!

About the Miniature:

Oh that plume, that lovely plume.  I really wish there were a way to make it less static, but there's only so much that can be done with an object made of solid metal.  I've consistently found the metal models more difficult to paint than the plastic ones. 

I love the sense of motion conveyed in Rodyn's pose.  I would have loved to do a pic of him with the wind whipping the environment around him - oh well

These guys have been the hardest to paint of all my models, so far, and if Jennifer hadn't rescued me from my globby,  too thick,  paint attempts, they'd still be sitting forlornly on my workroom table, daring my sense of competence, which wavered in their very presence.


About the Army Card:

Rodyn hasn't had much chance to show his worth, as yet.  He's got a long range weapon in that singing spear that I'm itching to try.

Part of the error I've made in playing my Warlocks was the false concept that I could split them up, individually instead of using them as  a squad, something I was trying to do to scatter my targets and resources more effectively.

It hasn't worked very well, back to the drawing board.  Determining which spells to use, and the strategy of when to use them is a constant struggle for me to wrap my mind around.

Much like when I play Go with Jennifer.....even if I grasp the rules, the way to utilize them is still beyond me.

Fortunately the answer to:  "Are we having fun yet?"  Has  remained a resounding  "YES!"



Rodyn Dolenhoth's Proudest Moment(s):

Waiting to fulfill his potential,  at present.

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