Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

     Calentar Eldalon Warlocks:  Thalion Thol  & Rison Curu

Just as Jennifer's Etherials are likened to the Three Stooges, these two inseperable lovers are more the Odd couple of the Eldar force. 

Thalion is very much Oscar.  More apt to wade into trouble without forethought or consideration of the possible consequences, only luck has saved him from his many reckless rushes into the very eye of the fray.  A roll of Rison's eyes and a shrug of those beloved shoulders are the only things likely to put Thalion into fits of insecurity.  Bluster should be this guy's middle name.  He's known to swagger around the camp after a battle, showing off his scars and spirit stones, and telling whoppers the size of a Devilfish.

Rison is our Felix.  Often at a loss at what to do to rein in his "better half", and usually seen trying to wash the errant blood stains out of his lover's robes.  More quiet than Thalion, Rison likes to play the flute and is oft heard quoting obscure Elven sages and texts of old in mystically cryptic was that are left open to the hearer's interpretation.

About the MiniatureLather, rinse, repeat.  Again my gratitude for Jennifer pulling my eggs out of the fire on these figures.  Rison was the hardest to put together, his hands and witchblade kept falling off, and we even had to send for spare parts on one occasion where they got entirely lost in the carpet of my artroom floor.  What I found  funny about these two, is that, when talking to Jennifer about making them lovers, and making them the Odd Couple she immediately figured out which of the figures represented which character and characteristics.  Ain't in funny when things come together?



About the Army Card:

Once again my theme is discovering the best spells and weapons combo vs the amount of points I am adding to my forces. I liken my Eldar forces to an orchestra, each squad type being a section within the vaster theme.

Many of my choices were made before I truly understood the use of different techniques, and sometimes I've changed the options and points accordingly.  Someday I hope to really understand these guys on a inherent level.  I'm told that the Eldar are considered the hardest forces to master... figures.

Each of these two Warlocks have been a     Man of the Match within two different games. 

I've very intentionally made both of my Farseers and all of my Warlocks into Spirit Seers, to better enable my Wraithguard and Wraithlord on the field.

I've tried to mix up the spell abilities so that there can be specialties for each character.  This is useful in lots of ways I'm still discovering.

Thalion Thol's Proudest Moment(s): 

Jennifer's Tau Devilfish Troop tank was literally cleaved in half -head on- by just one blow of Thalion's witchblade.  He walked from the field dusting the metal filings off his hands, and the blood - which wasn't his.....poor  Stormwind, guess that firesquad was following a little too closely, now, weren't they?

Jennifer was in utter awe. Her mouth hung open.

Rison Curu's Proudest Moment(s): 

While leading the Wraithguard slowly around a wall - deep in what he thought was good cover,    Rison was surprised by the sudden landing of the Tau Stealth Battlesuits.  Rison took out their commander out with one penetrating sweep of his Witchblade sword - though,  unfortunately,  not before the loss of one of the three guards.

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