Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

     Calentar Eldalon Eldar Vyper Sarnor Anulo

The pride of the Eldar's sky forces on Calentar, the pilots of this lovely lethal ship simply thrive on getting  into  the heart of things, fast and furiously - leaving little standing in their wake.

Like a highstrung thoroughbred, the Vyper may seem skittish, but that's merely the casual dance of avoidance it has honed  - as enemy fire is dodged amidst the crew's derisive laughter and cat calls.

About the Miniature:

I truly consider this figure to be the pride of my painting endeavors!  I created the design of the markings along the side as I went.  This figure gleams like a jewel, and looks like a deadly insect, the carapice warning it's victims that there is venom within.

This was another casualty of the primer paint that left a powdery residue behind, and the fact that I was able to turn that around into this shining gem swells my heart with joy!



About the Army Card:


This is my favorite vehicle, fast, sleek,  more deadly, and sturdier than the smaller jetbikes. 

Enemy fire bounces right off my dear Vyper, if it manages to score a hit at all.

Getting this guy zooming out into the field fast has proven one of the better ways to keep my opponent occupied, and worried.

Sarnor Anulo's Proudest Moment(s):

Taking out the lone Ethereal in a battle, which then caused almost the entire Tau force to scramble into retreat. 

Sarnor Anulo literally swooped in from out of nowhere on the trembling Tau, who had hidden behind a rock formation.

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