Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

     Calentar Eldalon Guardian Squad Gayaer~Belegohtar

The twilight of our Race is upon us.  "Come to the campfire", our FarSeer calls. 

"Bring in the Spirit Stones of the fallen, and we will sing of their sacrifice and glory. "  

Each of our squad takes a stone of our brethren and adds it to our we wish that the memories of their deaths were not a part of the bargain. 

We tell their stories,  their legacies glowing in the Stones salvaged from the field.  Wasn't home supposed to be a place to find peace at last  ?

Excerpt from the Log of Commander Gen'i ~ Varre the Golden

About the Miniatures:

20 of these buggers was enough to make me crazy.  Checking and rechecking each figure over and over again, through each step of the process, finding and repairing each tiny flaw.  I felt a bit like a processing plant.  Once again I tried to create a sense of individuality and character with their poses.  I was especially proud of some of the attitudes and frozen action moments I seemed able to convey. 

Jennifer custom made the long hair for our female commander, and carved her face to make her have a more feminine appearance.  The Girl's Squad, as I call them, all have the bright golden chest plates over their very evident curves. 

I was proud of creating the Banner for the Banner carrier.

Unlike the Tau, a guardian squad doesn't have separate stats or set up for an actual commander. 

I usually break the full 20 into two squads of 10 each, and put the Heavy Weapons with one of them.                 This way only half of my squad winds up loosing their Fleet of Foot advantage.


About the Army Card:

The backbone of my army.......with a yellow stripe firmly down it's spine.  Lately these guys have spent more time hiding behind rock formations or cowering in the shelter of the Falcon then actually accomplishing a mission.  Have I gotten gun shy?    You think?

Their only real saving grace is that Fleet of Foot.  With a 5+ save they're mostly cannon fodder, and they know it.

Gayaer~Belegohtar's                Proudest Moment(s):

Taking a large bridge in a Take & Hold Mission.

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