Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

     Calentar Eldalon FarSeer Tirhae Suletur

The Calentar Eldalon are tremendously grateful that Tirhae seems to possess the patience that is so lacking in Illing.  A cool and cunning head is firmly planted on these ancient shoulders.  Caution is Tirhae's watchword, and he's the type to plan out which of his incoming foe is the most deadly, and aim accordingly.

Almost fatherly, Tirhae likes to keep an eye on his troops.  Campfires with long Elven sing~alongs are his favorite way to increase morale and camaraderie. He even discovered a strange sweet delicacy on one world, something called "roasted marshmallow"? ...He's always trying to convince his Warlock squad to try them, but they remain dubious.   The newest of his recruits are the most apt to be given a chance to prove their worth with a firm but guiding hand. 

His Spirit Stones are always the first to be sought and gathered from any field, if he's slain, and each generation prays that his good sense will be passed down to his next suit's wearer, allowing him to truly live again.  So far those prayers have been answered ......until Tau.


About the Miniature:

In learning about painting, my biggest mistake was with my Farseer and Warlocks.  I hadn't MEANT to use such a thick coating. (Heavy Sigh)  The helmets were globs, and the Rune Armor a muddy mess by the time that Jennifer stepped in to rescue me.  There are some paint jobs I've done that I felt were grand, and then there are the ones Jennifer did, which are ALWAYS grand....thank goodness I'm learning.  Now if only I could keep my confidence up.  Like my skills, it seems to waver at times.

The rune designs on the cloak and the shimmering sheen of Tirhae's Witchblade are probably my favorite parts of this figure...though I gotta say, I love those shoulder paldrons, in two layers - they're very cool, too.

One thing you may notice is that the ground covers for all of my Eldar have small chunks of myrrh (the golden looking rock, to the left).  I was very proud to find a ground cover by using spices.  Black pepper and poppyseeds make absolutely GREAT pebbles, sandalwood and allspice look like pieces of log or tree bark.  I poured a bunch of herbs into my mortar and pestle, and lo, groundcover was born.



About the Army Card:

The Farseers are the powermongers of my army.  Unfortunately, Jennifer knows this all too well, and has a tendency to wipe them out as quickly as she possibly can - sometimes when she gets the first move these poor guys don't even get a chance to cast a single spell before they're wiped out.

I tried very hard to balance the number of points this character was worth with the number of spells, weapons and abilities he possessed.  Since I only get two HQ Options with a standard force, I'm often forced to choose between my Bonesinger or my Farseer - especially if I want to include my Warlocks (another HQ choice)

Getting the Farseer into range without being made into Kroot chow is my biggest challenge, .  If I hide behind terrain, many of my spells can't function, they require line of sight...which often means that Tirhae might as well be wearing a big iridescent "Shoot Me" sign .

Tirhae Suletur's Proudest Moment(s):

As Much Gristle led his Kroot squad in a charge over a hill, towards the vastly outnumbered Eldar forces....humming delightedly about Elfbits for dinner, under his breath - The heavens opened above his head and wreaked their wrath down upon him.  Only he, and his apprentice Shaper were left running in retreat from the devastation unleashed by Suletur's Eldritch Storm.

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