Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

     Calentar Eldalon Falcon Troop Transport Suru D' P'luvt

Much faster than it's tanklike bulk implies, this worthy vessel if never one to hold back it's fire.             

Now if only its guns would quit jamming!  The most common sound heard from within the Falcon is the cursing of its two operator pilots as they try once more to reconfigure  their weapon control panels.

Sometimes these two get so upset and frustrated that they're grounded, and forced to abandon ship before they even launch into the field.  Farseer Suletar has given them each a shiny new tool kit and a Repair Manual....let's hope it helps.


About the Miniature:

Happy accidents happen.  When Jennifer and I bought the base coat for our forces, an error in the quality of product was our discovery.  There seemed to be a powdery texture left behind once the paint had dried.  In the Falcon's case, this proved more blessing than bane. 

The very word Falcon brings the Millennium of the same name to mind for me, and inspired by that, I painted on.  The unique coloring scheme I chose here has earned this beloved piece the nickname of The Patchwork FalconLike a quilt in flight, it zooms over the terrain.  I really had fun experimenting with the different and subtle tones I used to evoke this image.


About the Army Card:

You would think that something worth 200 points would be less apt to misfirings than my poor Falcon - so far the dice haven't been in my favor when I've tried to fire it.  It hs proven tremendously useful in the conveyance of troops, though, and made me long for it's larger companion, the Wave Serpent.  Since the Patchwork can only hold up to 6 figures at a time, it's not much good for taking a Guardian squad along....and there's no way the Wraithguard can fit inside.  This leaves the Warlocks, Farseers, and Pathfinders as the only viable passengers in my troops, right now. 

As a means of distraction, the Falcon is big, colorful, and good at drawing fire...I may start using it more like the way that Jennifer uses her a shield for her troops more than as a ship.   We'll see.


Suru D' P'luvt's Proudest Moment(s):

Taking out Commander FarDawn with its Pulse Laser in one blast, back in one of our very first battles.

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