Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

     Calentar Eldalon Bonesinger FarSeer Illing Sunduiri

Alas, poor Illing.  The mindbending of the Warp has left this Bonesinger in a state of almost constant madness.  Her fellow Eldar do not so much see her with respect as with fear.  They give her a wide berth, knowing that a false start could result in a Spell misfired by worn nerves and an awareness that is almost constantly in the Fog of Warp.  Whether some of her madness was passed along from the previous Singers' souls encapsulated in the Spirit Stones and Armor of her rank, or independently eroded from her long travails...none can truly know.

Illing has lived for the discovery of her homeworld, and the deliverance of her ken to that haven.  To find that their sacred soil was being trampled by a race too young to even be in her vast store of memories was an insult beyond endurance!

That these upstarts seem able to defeat her frayed forces is a shame she cannot bare, and each defeat leaves her closer to the brink, hovering on that fine lined edge by the slenderest frayed string of sanity.

About the Miniature:

Jennifer actually asked me for permission to paint this figure, the aquiring of which was a major Coup.  This was a Special Release that was only available with the purchase of a major force.  We'd already purchased much of what would have been required to buy,  prior to this opportunity,  and had neither the desire to duplicate the figures I already owned, nor the means to afford same.  Jennifer begged our local comic shop owner (who knows and values us as friends,  as well really good customers) into saving aside one of these special figures for my birthday, last year.  To say that I was thrilled would be a massive understatement.

The neck collar was reconstructed, as the original had a flaw in it....I actually like the unique look Jenny created for it better than the one it was "intended" to have.  Painting the Rune Armor and the tiny runes on the bottom hem took intricate detailing far beyond my growing,  but still quite humble,  skills.

I would love to enter this in some sort of contest, or otherwise get its picture into White Dwarf, somehow...but haven't yet figured out how to accomplish this.  Suggestions?

Anyhow, a truly FANTASTIC job by Jennifer....who sometimes thinks it's better than what she's been able to do with her Tau, and wishes it were her figure.  One of these days we may switch armies in play, just for the fun of trying out each other's teams - but so far I've been vastly possessive, and don't see that changing anytime real soon.  Until I get the nuances of my own forces firmly under my belt, I'm reticent to try taking on a completely alien team.


About the Army Card:

The formatting of the cards was Jennifer's genius shining through, as it so often does.  To have each of my figures displayed as though they were seen through, or just stepping out of the Webway Gate(s), with glimpses of the many alien worlds they've searched in vain before their beloved Calentar was rediscovered               ......................It just.....SO ROCKS!!!


The biggest problem for me was keeping all the different rules for each figure clear, and to help phrase them in ways that could be easily understood.  I thumbed back and forth between the Eldar Codex and the Warhammer 40K Rulebook too many times to remember.  Often I misunderstood, miscopied, or completely missed pieces of vital information.

Jennifer's patience was worthy of canonization during the many long nights we checked, and rechecked my rambling attempts at coherency.

This is partly what's taken these so long to get here. 

You'll notice that Jennifer's Tau being woebegone has inspired me to a mutual bent in my characterizations because we're both very fond of misfits, and empathize with their plight.

For the many of you who've patiently waited, and expressed interest in my army - I thank you.


Illing Sunduiri's Proudest Moment(s):

Wiping out Commander Warm Rain with one fell Spell of Mindwar.

Devastating an entire squad with Eldritch Storm.

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