Calentar Eldalon
The Eldar Of Calentar

     Calentar Eldalon Dire Avengers:  Vara tel' Seldarine                  & Excharch Aglereb Ndak

What's that extra pistol in the Excharch's hand ? It doesn't work, you say ?  Well then...?

 Excharch Aglereb Ndak carries it for luck, that's right luck!  If there were an Eldar equivalent of a rabbit's foot, this guy would be dangling dozens of them from his belt. 

Highly superstitious, Aglereb has so many good luck rituals it's a wonder he ever manages to launch his squad onto the field before the battle's done.  Ndak's even been known to approach Illing for her "Blessings" before jumping from a Gate.  Snapped his banner pole in half, she did...jumpy girl that she is!  But he'd have to have his "lucky" pistol pried out of his cold dead hands to give it up.  After all, it was owned by his sire, and grandsire before him.  Shame they died so young!

The Vara tel' Seldarine are constantly torn between their highly developed sense of duty, and the conviction that their Excharch has maybe been through one Warp too many.  Fortunately there's a nearby example of what a mad Eldar truly looks like - and Aglereb is still coming off as a much more favorable option thus far.

About the Miniatures:

I have seen picture after picture of the Dire avengers, all painted blue and white.  I really didn't want to do blue and white, except for those lovely plumes on their helmets.  Finding the right shades, and combination of layers was really neat, and I'm very proud of the scheme I created.  These guys look like brilliant beetles! 

Jennifer created the Flame effect on their helmets, and carried it into some of the other markings (the knees, for example).  She also painted the banner, which was based on a sketched design I created myself.  Collaboration is something we've long sought, and Warhammer 40K has been one of our best chances to see what we can come up with when we put our heads together.


About the Army Card:

The few, the proud, the Dire Avengers.  

My army's equivalent to the Marines.             Tougher than the Guardians, and eager to close with the Tau.

Closing with the Tau seems to be my biggest challenge in playing with Jennifer, who knows all too well that letting me get close enough could spell her doom. 

My Avengers have only played in one game, so far, and without success.  It's really kind of funny, in it's own frustrating way.  I'll get all excited to try out a newly painted squad - and usually that will be the first thing Jennifer will target, making it unlikely that they even get off one shot.

Oh the shame!


Aglareb Ndak's Proudest Moment(s): 

We'll get there, I promise!

                                                                Vara tel Seldarine's                              Proudest Moment(s): 

Waiting in the wings

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