Unreal Tournament 2003
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

Unicorn Jelly ForumTHE TESSERACT
DOWNLOAD NOW:                   13.1 MB Zipped folder

An accurate representation of the fourth dimensional construct also known as a hypercube. This download features maps for Bombing Run, Capture-The-Flag, Deathmatch, and Hyper Double Domination. In addition to play value, students of mathematics and fans of hyperdimensional engineering will enjoy touring these eight colorful and unique chambers, which correctly and accurately represent the structure and connections expected in a proper hypercube. Attention has been paid to providing color, sound and textural cues to allow the player to develop an intuitive internal map of this hyperdimensional environment, thus it is recommended that the level be played with game music set to OFF, so that the ambient sounds may be utilized for navigation and orientation.



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