The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

The only thing worse than not loving enough is loving too much.
There are philosophies that suggest that the only
answer to the dilemna of existence is to
utterly renounce all attachments to the world, and to the Self.
And there are other philosophies that suggest that the
best answer is to embrace everything
and anything that comes along.

While it is true that attatchment to the things that matter to us
can be destructive if taken to extremes,
failing to make attatchments not only leaves existence
void and empty,
but is also a form of cowardice.

The key is to willfully choose attachments with deliberation
but to always control your choice to attachment
rather than let it control you.

Attachment is the hand of the soul
a baby, or a monkey, may grab and never let go
and the hand of a dead man grasps not at all
but the hand of the wise soul
opens and closes
as circumstance and reason


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