The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

I had this reoccuring nightmare
for my first decade or so of life
I think it stopped somewhen
around the age of
fifteen or so

In the nightmare,
I was being
by some strange
greyish, wrinkled, mass
with streaks of red and
patches of dim light
that surrounded me on all

and was filled with loud, screaming,
yelling voices,
indistinct, but either in pain,
or in anger,
all talking at once,
and there were many of them,
a chorus of loud,
violent voices.

I would always wake up struggling
and even screaming myself
from these dreams.

I called the experience,
the shouting grey squeezius.

Sometimes I wonder
if maybe it was a recorded
memory of being born.
I suppose I will never know.

But if it is a memory of
being born,
then being born is a really
awful experience,
let me tell you.

Strange thing is,
there are many events in life,
long after being born,
that are more than a little,
not unlike
my dream of 
the shouting grey squeezius.

Don't worry.

Be it birth trauma,
or just life,

It will all be over,
soon enough.


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