The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

The Others run the Transdimentional Trading Company.

You can find them by looking for the distinctive black cube with the
door that opens from nothing.

Inside, where it is much bigger on the inside
than the outside,

you can find pretty much anything
that ever was, or ever will be,
and some stuff that can't be,
and even some stuff that
isn't, or never was.

While the prices vary,
sometimes decent, and sometimes awful,
the real problem is the catalogue
which is thin to look at,
but which contains
an infinite number of pages,
which makes trying to
find anything
a real problem.

You can ask the Others for help,
of course,
and they are glad to assist,
because it is their business
and all,

but you have to remember
that they just work there,
and that does not make them
any smarter than any other
service industry worker,
however impressive
they may seem
under their night-dark

In the end, you have to use
your own judgement
whatever the Others say,
because ultimately,
they just want to make a sale,
and move on to
the next customer.


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