The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

Ol' Mountain Joe got rightly pissed
at mountain Bob and they done got into a big
old fight, yep they did.

Ol' Joe gave Ol' Bob a big old slap,
and Mountain Bob shook with
the blow,
sending shockwaves all the way
down to the valley below.

Ol' Bob raised up a stoney fist
and smacked 'Ol Joe right
in the granite,
which made Ol' Joe reel.

Things escalated from there, a'course
and soon the two mountains
were going at each other
like you'd never believe.

By the time 'Ol Joe was using a giant
redwood club to whack Ol' Bob right
in the rocky regions,
the slow moving pain signals
had finally managed to
work their way through
both mountains.

Mountains is real slow, hear,
and it takes them a while
afore what theys feelin'
catches up with what theys
doin, you see.

It was then that they realized,
with more than a little horror and all
that they was connected
cause of being part of the earth,
and that there was no escapin'
the fact that they would
be feelin' each others
pains as well as their own
for a real, real long time to
come, seeing as how
mountain pain
lasts even longer
than it takes to show up
in the first place.

The only consolation for
such a terrible thing
was that each of them,
'Ol Mountain Joe, and 'Ol Mountain Bob
knew they they alone surely
had won the fight.


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