The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

The universe is your mother, or
say some mystics. Others say the earth is your mother,
for others its this person who got knocked up and 
squeezed you out back when.

Sometimes we are each others mothers,
in the sense of being nurturing caregivers.

A mother can also be a Real Mother,
and you do not want to mess
with a Real Mother,
because they will
mess you up good.

Which brings us back to the universe,
of course,
which, while it is the source of
your being brought into existence,
is also a Real Mother
in a lot of ways too,
make no mistake.

You can honor your mothers,
for you have many,
and you can rail against
the crap job you may have felt
they have done by you,
or you may feel love
and devotion
for your mothers,
amd the saintly job
they have done by you,
or even all these things,
at the same time.

You may be mothered,
or you may be a mother
to another.

But there is no escaping
the fact that The Mother is
where you came from,
and a sure bet
one way or another,
where you are
going back to.


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