The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

Demetrius Mortremar didn't actually intend
to make a pocket universe, he just wanted to
get away from his father.

He had run away to the region near Neftem,
a coastal region of a nearby alternate version of
our own earth,

only one where we had destroyed ourselves,
and Mitri's people had Gated in
and taken over the ruins of
the planet.

The Norialdi were escaping themselves,
you see, so perhaps such desire
ran in Mitri's blood.

Generations past, his ancestors had wiped
out the last of what the humans
of that version of history
had become,
and the culture of violence and conquest still
existed, which was why Mitri
was named an earth name,
(after the last more-or-less human,
who had, apparently,
put up a satisfying
last stand)
and also
why his father was such a bastard.

Mitri just wanted a peaceful place,
a place where people got along,
where there was no politics,
and where no one had to be
a bastard to succeed.

Somehow, the edges of the lands around Neftem
just became loose from the world,
and a traveller, passing through,
would find himself miles distant,
on the other side of the zone,
without even knowing that Neftem
was even there.

In this way, the land Mitri called Naphtali,
another old human word from somewhere,
just kind of budded off
from normal spacetime.

Just a little.
just enough.

Or perhaps,
it was Mitri himself,
that had slid slightly askew
from spacetime.

Either way,
the effect was the same.

It's strange how this sort of thing
can happen,
when you aren't paying attention,
isn't it?


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