The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

According to astrophysics, a star
is a gigantic mass of elemental gas
which creates such gravitational pressure
at the center of the sphere
that atoms are compressed into fusing together.

This fusion of atoms forces them to become
a new element, and in the process
subatomic particles are left over and released
and this we interpret as light and heat and radiation
and thus a star, or sun, is a huge nuclear fusion
reactor, in which all the elements of
our material universe are alchemically

Which is all well and good,
provided that you don't care about how
stars can sing
or that they are alive
and they
are manifestations of
supernal beings
and stuff.

When you are a Creatrix
it's fun to make stars
because they
sing like ringing bells
when they are born.

But of course
to hear that
you would have to be

and who would
risk that?


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