The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

Lorea wanted to help people.
And things.
And things that were also people.

So Lorea intervened.
Whenever she could.
All the time.
For fun.

And to help.

Only, she never bothered
to ask anyone what they needed.

Why bother with that,
when all she had to do was look,
and she could see the

Besides, being all magickal
and metaphysical,
and full of powers,
she knew existence was just
a silly game anyway,
so nothing really
and everyone chooses
their own reality in any case.

It's all illusions,
after all.

Only she failed to realize,
that if nothing matters,
and everything is illusions,
then the coin of the realm
are those very illusions,
and that very nothing,
and by stripping it away,
she was robbing the poor,
in making them rich.


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