The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

Linus Gumbridge was a little boy
who always carried a little shoe box
size six.

Other kids made fun of Linus,
since they thought carrying around
a little shoebox all the time
was pretty dumb.

A shoebox?

Why not a ball, or a toy,
or even a blanket,
if he had to  be such a baby
about things,
but carry around
a shoebox
for security?

Linus, you're a weirdo
the kids said.

One day, Linus disappeared.

Some said he had been absucted,
or killed,
or worse.

All they ever found was his shoebox,
where he had dropped it.

But nobody cared that much,
because he was such a
such a strange kid.

That is,
until one day
when somebody,
out of idol curiosity,
decided to see what
was in that old

under the lid,
was an entire universe!

Linus was a god?
Maybe we should have been
nicer to him.

Linus had an entire cosmos
inside that shoebox.


he was just a child, after all,
so he didn't know what else
to keep it in.

Weirdo types.

You never know,
until you actually 
bother to look.


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