The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

You've probably met a guy like this.

He wears a tough leather jacket
he has a tough looking haircut
he has metal rivets on his stuff
he collects weapons,

The could be swords,
or guns
or knives
or bows
or rocket launchers

and maybe he even
invents his own weapons
and carries them
concealed on his body:

the squirt-bottle filled with acid,
the spring-extending instant quarterstaff,
the home-brew shurikens,
the secret knife slot in the boot,
the spring-loaded arm dart.

He wears big boots with metal toes, too,
just in case.

And that is how
he walks
through life

Even when he is naked
in the shower.

Because inside,
deep inside,
there is a little fetal baby
that never
got much love.


Because it is sometime the case,

he's just an insecure,
deeply, deeply,
deeply, deeply
frightened little boy.
Of thirteen.

But then,

Who of us
does not
wear armor
and carry weapons
in some way
or another?


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