The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

Sometimes, life just seems to plod
on, dull and awful and boring and endless.

One wishes for a way to speed past such
parts, fast-foreward beyond the dull waiting.

Such a contrast to the fast parts of life,
where everything races by too quickly
and is over before it can even
be fully appriciated.

Strange how we yearn for eternal life,
but when life goes slow
we hate it,
and want to be done with it,

yet when life goes quickly by
we want it to never end.

Wouldn't it be grand to
be able to take one of those slow
spots in life,

and enjoy the heck out of it?

Then one could have
an endless-seeming not-boring time!

Of course,
if that were done,
it would become fun,
and then time would speed past.

All of which makes one wonder
if the Buddha wasn't
right in saying
that "life sucks". 

Well, actually, he claims that
"All existence is misery",
but that really ends up
meaning the same

There seems no way to
reconcile this.


One could learn to appricate
the luxury of boredom
as a gift.


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