The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

Somewhere out in the vastness of the Elsewhere,
there is a cosmos some call 'Eetmi-Aetyu':

Now the funny thing about this place
is that even here, it is possible
for Enlightenment to occur.

A nice, if very strange, being named Lorea,
 who likes to
teach and help others,
originated here.

Of course, some call
her teaching and helping
'meddling and interfering'
but everything is
a matter of perspective.

Anyway, she is just nice as pie,
and she woke up
and managed to escape
this place.

She even helped a friend
or two
to get away as well,
in the process.

You want to know how
the incredibly heroic and valiant
Lorea managed to fight her way to escape
the orgiastic mutual devouring
and mindless, lustful, hungering oblivions
of Eetmi-Aetyu?

She used the most
powerful and violent
warrior's weapon in the
entire multiverse 
upon it...

...she decided to stop
being so in love with it,
and chose to want
other things.


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