The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

In ancient times, in Greece and Italy, among other nations,
the Goddess Hecate was worshipped commonly.

Hecate, depicted as a crone, or very elderly woman,
was representative of ancient wisdom,
a grandmotherly figure, but one
with great power, specifically magickal power.

Hecate, the Official Goddess of Magick
was also in charge of Crossroads.

Apparently, they needed a Goddess
to take care of intersections.

Ancient gods and goddesses usually had to cover
several job positions simultaneously, you see,
because the Unions sucked back then.

So anyway, when she wasn't presiding over
spirits and spells,
she was tending to places where three
or more roads met.

Hecate would check out crossroads
in her dark cloak
carrying a lantern, usually,
and for a grandmother,
even a magickal grandmother,
this must have been a lonesome
job, since she only
did it at night,
during the full moon.

So, to be kind,
or to gain favors,
which is what people mostly want
from their gods,
the tradition was to make dinner
and leave it as an offering
to Hecate
at some lonely crossroads.

Then people would leave, quickly,
and never look back.

This is because Hecate,
in charge of spells and spirits,
also took care of many matters
concerning age and death,
and nobody dared to look
her in the eyes
or see her face.

So she had to eat alone alot.

Poor Hecate!

It was said,
that anyone brave enough to
stick around to share supper with Hecate,
would likely make her so happy
that she would pass on
some nice magickal lore
and secrets of the occult.
Or maybe just a nice recipe.
Maybe even the secret of life,
just to be nice.

She was a grandmother, after all.

So the question is,

are you going to sit and eat with Grandmother,
or will you run away?


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