The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

Mundis 2900 Gorbald sscy-L-P-D5W
is a cosmosynchronically resonant universe supported
by causal recursive cosmocognogenesis
but none of that is very relevant here.

What is interesting is that this cosmos has
installed in the fabric of it
a kind of emergency control system
in case anything
gets a bit 'out of whack'

It's a pretty wild universe,
you see.

But you don't want the power to reset things
or adjust anything that needs adjusting
in the hands
of only one person.

That's just too dangerous.

So, the solution was to have
five Deuspalatiums
all widely seperated from each other
on lonely, isolated worlds.

Together, all five can reorder the entire cosmos,
but each by itself can only affect a fifth
of the universe by itself.

Thus, to reset the universe,
at least five individuals
must work together
in harmony
for a common purpose
with a common Will
and a completely shared Ideal.

This has never actually happened.



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