The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

Child Essence lives inside the Schitzophrenic Cowboy and
was invaluable in lassoing the Moo-Cow of Enlightenment.

Real children are often vicious, ruthless, selfish and cruel,
and they live a powerless life of confusion and inadaquacy,
subject to godlike parents who hold absolute power
over their lives, however kindly those parents may be.

So many adults completely forget this reality
as they idealize the concept of childhood
into a kind, safe, and golden world of
love and laughter, freedom and play.

The manufactured illusion of childhood, however false,
can be a very useful tool.

From that place, which itself is illusory,
spring forth the Ideals and the suspensions
of disbelief
the playful qualities
that allow
any magicks in the world
to be done.

In the idealized Child part of ourselves
lives Faery logic
Beautiful and kind
or Terrible and cruel
and it is freedom
in the midst of

All Joy stems from it
but also all Fear.

It is power.

Use it, exhalt it, express it, learn from it,
but like any Child
never take your eyes off of it
for a second.


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