The Jennese Tarot
  By Jennifer Diane Reitz

Around the minature star Prax, in a tiny pocket universe, is
a smallish planet called 'Balocampaspe'.

Balocampaspe has pale peach-colored oceans, and continents made entirely
of mountains and plains of a strange green glass.

The green glass has astonishing properties, in that it contains something
that apparently makes dreams come true to any being
exposed to it. Perhaps it is a psychoactive compound, carried on
the silver winds, or perhaps it is a magical radiation that
creates illusions, or perhaps it is just that
adventurous and desperate tourists want it to be true so much
that they somehow make it so.

This would seem an ideal place to visit
except that there are many dangers in all of this.

First, the dreams that come true are not like wishes or hopes,
they are actual Dreams, True Dreams, fair and foul,
nightmarish and sublime,
strange and twisted, happy or sad,
most often devoid of logic or reason or purpose,
and they cannot be awakened from so long as one
remains exposed to the planet.

But this is not the only problem: the glass resists
weathering on the calm and balmy world,
and every surface is sharp and jagged,
as though freshly broken.

Some beings travel to Balocampaspe thinking to escape suffering
but they find out that they cannot escape themselves, and they are
torn to ribbons on the jagged glass, chasing the phantoms
of their own mind. It matters not if those phantoms are joyful,
or horrible, the glass is sharp, just the same.

It is said a pure enough heart could wander Balocampaspe
freely, but no one seems to agree on what that actually means.


Balocampaspe, World Of Forgotten Dreams,
Nothing upon your shores is ever what it seems,
Peach colored oceans,
framed by silver winds,
World of might have beens.

Kamishibai The Balocampaspe Song
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