As ever, I can offer no explanation for any of this. I do not know if I somehow actually directed the lightning, or just somehow 'felt' where in the sky it would be next. The experience was such that it is not possible to determine which was the case. Perhaps I just had some incredibly lucky streak of coincidence, where for about a decade I just 'rolled the dice' correctly during storms, and by pure chance was able to point exactly at where lightning would flash, just a heartbeat before it actually did. If so, that would be at least as interesting as any other explanation. Perhaps even more interesting.

I would not be able to believe any of this one bit, if I did not have countless witnesses, and of course my family, who suffered through my risky lightning games over and over through the years. It is so easy to just write this all off as a delusion, except that they keep reminding me.

They don't want me to get cocky and start playing with it again. For good reason. Lightning can kill.

I still call rain sometimes. Or imagine I do.

I love the rain. Sometimes I feel like it loves me back.

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