Closeups Available: Caravan and Caravan Being

This took place in 1978, I was 18 years old.

I should like to elaborate upon the perception of seeing into a different space, mentioned above, a little. The strange caravan did not literally feel to me to be made of cars and people inches high, rather there was in me an odd comprehension that what I was seeing was far away, in a direction to which I cannot point, and that the size of the beings and their equipment was tiny because of distance. They visually appeared as though they were in the classroom with me, surely enough, and only a meter and a half from my eyes, yet they -felt- far away, as though I were on a hill looking down at them as they crossed a valley below. I suppose I am trying to say that they seemed 'ana' or 'kata' in some fashion from me, and that the visual quality of them being within the corner of my classroom was an illusion brought on by some bizarre distortion of dimensionality.

The music I heard first, faintly, and as it grew the 'holes' opened up, and it became louder as they opened. Then it became louder still as the caravan passes through one hole on its way out the other, and faded with passing by. The music seemed to eminate from a particular wagon in the caravan, as though it had some sort of player, or perhaps a band travelling within it. I try to find examples to describe this music, and it is very difficult. It was a little like some of the works of Jean Michelle Jarre, though the alien instruments did not sound as synthesizers do, but rather sounded as natural instruments, if instruments of incomprehensible form. The music was also somewhat not unlike the traditional music of China, but it also had a faint  East Indian flavor too, and a touch of something almost akin to Scotland as well. Even so, in saying this, I feel like I am trying to tell a blind person that velvet feels like 'red' looks, and that smooth plastic is the sensation of 'blue'. There is nothing I can truly do to describe this supernal music with accuracy.  I try, but I am describing something I have yet to hear from the muscians of earth.

As to the creatures and the caravan itself, I have tried to convey what I saw, as best I can, but here too my abilities are inadaqate to the task save in one thing- the holes in space, the wormholes if you like, really did look like I have painted them. Indeed the resemblance is uncanny, save that the things I saw swirled at the edges, slowly, and had a living quality to them, of motion and uncanny depth into some impossible direction.

Of course, the easiest thing to do to write this entire experience off is to say it was a waking hallucination, brought on by the droning voice of a teacher and my own incredible boredom - surely it is all merely my mind manufacturing an illusion in desperation for something interesting to occur. While the event happened, one of the things I considered was just this...was I hallucinating? Dreaming? Something else?

If it was a hallucination, it was utterly lucid, and utterly detailed and solid to my perception - I could concentrate on the smallest details of the wagons, for example, and they were constant and true. If hallucination, it was definately a rare and wonderous one. And if something more than a hallucination, it is a deep question about the nature of reality itself. Because of the profoundness of it, I cannot help but to consider the possibility of it being something more, but hallucination or strange reality, I still yearn to know more about those odd beings and their curious music.

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