I always associate the Beatles song 'Hey Jude' with this event in my life, because the way I made such an impression on the mysterious girl was the the result of my behavior during a dinner out with her family. My father had invited her family out to a restaurant. My mother, coming from a wealthy background, had gone to great lengths, over the years, to teach me very proper manners, which I put on great display during this dinner. This was before my transition, of course, so in those days I was expected to act the proper little gentleman, which I was very good at, seating my little friend by holding her chair, taking her coat, and so forth. A stageworthy proper Little Lord Fontleroy performance on the whole. Sometime during the meal, the Beatles brand-new song was played in the background, locking the memory in my mind. This would set this event after August of that year, most likely September.

The location of this event is something I cannot quite pin down. My family moved, in our trailer, every three to six months of my life, because my father worked for the USGS making geological survey maps. It is possible that this took place in either Idaho, Utah, or California. In any case, it was a desert-grasslands environment, with scrub grass, rolling hills, and distant small mountains. Sorry I cannot pin down the location...it was well over 30 years in my past.


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