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This is from Sakura Taisen, which is both a game and an anime from Japan...this figurine was purchased from a shop in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. It was originally a key holder poppet, which I mounted on a base for minatures use.

This is some obscure little statuary, probably from a Hallmark store, which caught my fancy. The character was a cat I played in an ancient BBS game pre-internet called 'The King Of The Cats'. I won, I was Queen of the cats with my Mizelwumpkin character. Here she is battling in Valhalla. Such is the life of sapient cats.

Now who would not know Goku, the star of Dragonball Z? Certainly the most powerful fighter of any anime (he can blow up planets by the end of the series) should end up fighting in Valhalla, and indeed that is essentially what happens to him in the actual series itself? He had to be in Heroscape, if any anime character should be. So, I used a small capsule toy and mounted it on a base. Works perfectly!

This of course is Tetsujin 28 or 'Ironman 28', one of the very first, perhaps the very first, giant robots in manga and anime. Tetsujin was radio controlled by a young boy. In America, Tetsujin 28 was released as 'Gigantor' with a fairly bizarre and funny theme song. This toy came from a small import toy store in Seattle.

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