Gettin' down with Yeet And Boik,
as interviewed by Pete Pixelhead.



Its-a me! Ana I welcome you to-a Bop-a Talk, where me ana those shady characters, a Yeet ana Boika talka to me!

Great. We get Pete. Personally I would have preferred Gynandria. Oooh...Gynandria.

Don't let him get started on that, Pete.


Heya, OK-a now boys, it's time to answer some-a questions for your fans-a now.

Yeah, sure Pete.


First offa, before-a we talk about what-a youa done for all us video game characters, maybe you should-a tell us a-something abouta yourselves.

Well, my name is Boik, I'm the green one, and I'm pixellated. I collect Japanese swords, and I'd say I'm the most sensible, intelligent and educated one of us. 

Yeet! You-a going to let Boik get away with-a that?

Huh? Sorry. I was...daydreaming there. What was the question?

Pete wants to know about you, Yeet. 

How come?

It's an interview? Remember?

Oh...right. Sorry, I'm feeling kind of 8-bit today, if you know what I mean. Me huh?

Well, I hang out with Boik on our game island, and we play games a lot, and I really like wearing tell the players to get lots of 'PERFECT!'s out there, OK?

I'll be a-sure to a-let them them know, Yeet. But tell us about what-a kind of-a sprite you-a are?

Well, I'd say I'm kind of an action sprite. I like running around and throwing stuff. I wish I could use my gun -I like guns, by the way- I wish I could use my gun on those blocks, you know? BAM! Another free monster!

Yeet, that would kill the monsters. We're supposed to be saving them, right? For the heroes to kill? Remember?

I know that dude. I'm just saying, like, what if the gun could shoot Boppulation or something, right?

Riiiight. Hmmm. Actually, a Boppulation gun would make things a lot easier, come to think of it. Damn. Of course it would completely ruin the puzzle aspect of our adventure.

OK-a then, speaking about your adventure, tell us what it'sa like for you, saving the monsters and-a generally doing-a whatever it is-a thata you do?

Well, basically, we use special Bopping blocks to match other blocks, whereupon they 'Boppulate' away into points. But what separates our style from other matching games is the need to Boppulate special patterns that release...

NO, NO No! dude, that's just dull! It's like this, Pete, we have to face horrific danger from deadly floors and weird locations and stuff we don't even know what it is! And then we have to beat up a fur-suited teddy bear. I mean, it's completely messed up in there, man.

How-a dida You-a feel, when alla us heroes came and asked-a you to rescue the monsters for- us?

Hey, like, "Quarter In", you know?

Pretty much. Although I was thinking more along the lines of how many quarters were we going to get out of this little adventure, and I have to say I was more than a little disappointed at how few we ever saw. Frankly, Pete, about your bill alone, I...

And-a moving a-right along-a, YEET, I-a wonder if-a you woulda be so kind as to a-tell-a us about what-a was the hardest-a part of saving the monsters? would have to be the puzzle aspects, right? I mean, at first, it's like "grab the block and toss the block", but then it gets harder and harder to figure out just where the blocks should be thrown. Those patterns are hella hard. I usually just don't worry about the monsters, you know? I leave that to Boik, while I grab all the prizes and...

You dog! I wondered why there were so few prizes in the let me do all the hard work while you played Mr. Greedy-guts!

Hey, dude, the prizes were like there, you know? If you spent more time grabbing instead of pushing blocks around, you'd have the wicked points too!

We're supposed to share, Yeet. We both need points to beat Hunnibunz at the end. What if you run out of lives?

I don't run out of lives, dude.

Oh, tell that one at E3, Yeet. I'm the one bailing your ass out every damn game! 

Moving-a-long-a, Why don'ta you tell us a bit-a bout that-a nasty Sweety Hunnibunz that-a you fight?

Hunnibunz. That sick mother! He's a goddamn teddy bear in a fur suit. I mean, seriously, dude!

This time...I would have to agree with my...strongly spoken teammate here.

Listen, the only thing worse than Sweety is his kid. Or his 'significant other'. The whole family is wacked in the head.

Basically, the Hunnibunz want a world where all video games are basically non-violent, non-action, nothing to upset or frighten or titillate anyone.



That word you used.

It was just funny, is all.

*Sigh* Anyway, Hunnibunz is all about censorship, which is kind of ironic considering the trouble we had with one of the two publishers for Boppin'. The game was censored, and then, because the creators objected, publically badmouthed by the president of the company publishing it! That was stupid and childish marketing to say the least, which is why Boppin' never really had a chance.

We have remained a strangely beloved game universe, nevertheless.

You-a say 'strangely beloved'. What-a do you mean-a by that, Boik?

Well, a lot of other game companies, that our creators once worked for, have put in references to Boppin' and Accursed Toys. For example, In Lucasart's Monkey Island 3, there is a treasure room with a teddy bear with a knife in it's belly...a little homage to Boppin' by friends of Accursed Toys who worked on the project. There are a few other games from that time that have 'Deady Bear' references in them too. And to this day, people still write in about the game. That is why our creators are re-releasing it again.

We're the undead, man! We're the zombie game from hell! Woooh! Grrr....Arrrgh!


No biting, Yeet! I keep telling biting!

Sorry, dude. I was being a zombie, you know?

*groan* you have anything you want-a to say to your fans, before-a we close?

Yes, actually. I would like to thank all of our many supporters over the years for remembering us, and keeping us alive in their thoughts, and in their games. I would hope that everyone will enjoy the new release of Boppin' and know how much love and effort went into the game. And I want everyone to know that game-related censorship and puritanism is still just as much of a threat today as it was back in the 90's from whence we come.

I just want to say play me, OK? My death scene is way funnier than Boik's, and besides, I'm cooler.

Oh, yeah, Keep On Boppin'.

And, like, you can totally skip levels by doing [Ctrl] + L if you get stuck, OK? But it'll cost you a life.

YEET! That's a cheat code!

Well, they did read all the way down here, right? They deserve something, dude.

An-a that's-a all the time we have for now. Thank-a you everyone, I'm-a Pete Pixelhead saying goodnight, and....

BOPPIN' !!!!!!


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